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  1. Yep, already has INJ tag on Yahoo
  2. Those steals are legit probably going to win me my machup....thanks Mikal!!! Holy stonks!
  3. The mad lad did it, got the triple double with steals!!!
  4. Come on TJ, you can do this, lets get that trip dub!!!
  5. Pretty sure thats an NBA record for steals in a half. Most steals in a game is 11, TJ on track to smash that tonight
  6. That last steal should have really been an assist as well haha
  7. Common "fear" that people seem to have about Vooch every year...and it never happens.
  8. I'm not a fan of Green at all, but that was a bullshit T. He was yelling at Wiseman coming back on defence and the Ref thought it was directed at him, so he copped that second T and the ejection. I mean, its not on the same level of BS as Duncan being ejected for laughing, but it was a pretty shocking call!
  9. Photo was posted on the Knicks twitter 3 hours ago, so all signs point to yes
  10. Swooped him up yesterday due to the fact that UTA playing Thu and Sat which are pretty light days this week so will stream him for the rest of the week.
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