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  1. Any concern next year. Looking at past RBs who did what he did 2 years in a row , they had subpar injury years. All that usage takes its toll. Look at the guys below 3rd year after 2 huge usage, yardage years. Look at DMC after 2 years of overusage. Injury year. Probably still take him early 1st round but i got some concern. Terrel davis 97 98 Shaun alexander 04 05 Larry Johnson 05 06 Etc
  2. Love Henry. Takin him 3 years in a row as my #1 but whats folks feelings on him next year. Guys who do what he does and get so many carries usually break down quick. Injuries start. Look at mccaffrey, one injury after another after all those carries 2 years in a row. I plan on taking Henry again if i can and would keep him in a keeper but i got all this work has to catch up to him. Thoughts ?
  3. Fuller suspended 6 games. Got to downgrade him a little now.
  4. If Buckner back you still start Watson but dont expect Thanksgiving numbers but still i expect 20 from him. If you have another top option then maybe. Example, I sat Allen for him this week but starting Allen over him this week. Play the matchups.
  5. Could have had a bigger day but still #2 QB today so far and 3rd highest scoring player so far today overall. I got Allen but going to be a tough choice last 2 weeks of the season.
  6. Started at QB with allen on bye, more then even i expected. One of the top scoring QBs this week.
  7. CBS bumped his proj points from 7 to 23 , only Mahomes projected higher, .
  8. On paper a top 10 start this week. Not that its suprising but starting him over Jonnu. Love the upside.
  9. Also the worst matchup. Saw somewhere that Indy is tops against TEs. Have not given up a TD to a TE yet and under 300 yards total in 9 games.
  10. To the bench for now. Better guys on some waiver wires or your backup until he shows signs of increased usage. Im benching for Tonyan for now.
  11. When did Kupp get hurt, see nothing online,?
  12. So did he get activated? I read 49ers had until 1pm to activate to roster. Have read nothing.
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