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  1. Not wishing for injury but I am hoping Thibs puts Elf on the shelf.
  2. Welcome to the boards! If you have any personal team questions about adding or dropping players you can go to the other board called Assistant Coach. This board (Fantasy Basketball Talk) is for general player discussion. Hope that helps.
  3. Well that's exactly the point. We don't know anything.Why would he be cleared and then back to INJ the next day? Does the protocol reset now to another few days? Did he actually get COVID? Or just near someone who had COVID? COVID curious?
  4. So he was cleared of COVID yesterday and now has COVID? WTF?
  5. So with no Teague and no Smart are we still interested?
  6. The thread is also 10+ pages because of all the people who don't have him coming in here telling the people who do that he's not good since he's not James Harden.
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