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  1. Embiid listed as 'out' but only given DTD status on espn so he can't be replaced. What a joke of a system that he can't be replaced 😠
  2. Named 'out'. Why can't ESPN designate 'out'. Its playoff time dawgs
  3. What's the thinking with dynasty league on D White? He was just dropped in my league and I'm light on for PG position, worth a high waiver add? Will he be a lock to big mins even with Dejounte back?
  4. It's a points league, so not too fussed about the particular cats. Lillard is $26 dearer than Wall, hence my decision to keep Wall. League prices go on the original draft price. Oh, and Booker is cheap as chips, got him for a steal last year. I'd save $39 by keeping Booker, but then I'd lose a gun in Lillard. Decisions, decisions ...
  5. I'd keep IT2. He's only 28. Many players have surgeries and come back strong.
  6. Nurkic, Hayward, Wiggins and Vucevic or Randle are your locks in my opinion Keep Rubio as well as a PG
  7. Cousins, Porzingis, Wall, Jokic, Simmons are the five locks. Lillard is the one I'd be dropping to save Booker with his SG eligibility and give draft flexibility
  8. I have two options with an auction draft. Would you keep six studs, worth $176, leaving me with $24 to round out a 13-man roster Or, keep five studs, worth $137, leaving with $63 to round out eight spots What would you do? The stud that needs to be dropped in the second instance is a top five point guard.
  9. For dynasty owners, it's almost better if he stays off the court until next season, so to avoid the potential drip feed of minutes.
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