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  1. I think shenault has a safer floor, I’m not too high on Gallup this year. Thanks for mine.
  2. Overall I like Fant and Goedert best but I agree in the short term its probably a good idea to hold on to Schultz. Thanks for mine.
  3. If they go for it I'd definitely trade Hilton and Fulgham for Golladay
  4. If the choice for you falls down to DK vs Lamb I'd go DK personally
  5. I think I like Graham more. Is there anyone else you can drop besides Engram?
  6. I would shop MT around to see if you can get more for him but thats a fair deal in your situation I think https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/827898-help-me-make-a-trade-for-julio-please-whir/
  7. 12 team league. I'm 3-2 and weak at receiver, Julio owner is 1-4 and actively shopping him My team: Qb: Watson Rb: Mixon, Carson, Drake, Mattison Wr: Fuller, Slayton, Claypool, Hardman, M. Jones, P. Williams Te: Andrews, Hockenson His team: Qb: Tannehill Rb: David Johnson, Montgomery, Peterson, J. Williams Wr: Julio, Adams, Golladay, Higgins, Fulgham, Kirk Te: Gesicki, Graham WHIR
  8. I think both will have good games but Wilson is safer
  9. I'm sitting at 1-3 right now. There's no one else of note available on waivers. My team: QB: R. Wilson WR: D. Adams; K. Golladay; T. Lockett; D. Westbrook, P. Williams; G. Allison RB: J. Mixon; C. Carson; R. Penny; G. Bernard TE: Hockenson; Herndon; Knox K: K. Fairbairn DST: Baltimore
  10. Thats sound logic, I think you'll be fine starting Fitz and the Eagles
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