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  1. With PG dealing with injury right now I think Morris Sr. should be rosterable in 12 teamers. Def 14+ he should be picked up imo kennard might get the starts but Morris is a much better defender and if he gets close to 30 mins, he’ll provide nice out of position 3s and a sprinkle of def stats
  2. Any reason why yahoo hasn’t updated his position eligibility? He’s played C and PF but yahoo still has him as only SF. His offense needs a lot of work but on a team like Minn, his defense alone should keep him on the floor. But with that coaching staff, who knows.
  3. Surprised I’m not hearing more buzz about this kid. He’s playing with so much confidence right now. Back to back 20+ pt games. Last game he even led the team in FGA. There’s something brewing here guys!
  4. Anyone catch him in the first preseason game? How did he look?
  5. If I take lillard with my first pick, what 2nd and 3rd pick would be a good starting point for a balanced team?
  6. What positions should be targeted earlier in the draft vs mid draft vs late? Like are there less good Cs or PGs in the draft, so those should be targeted early, then forwards are plentiful in the middle rounds, and then there are more late round flier options that are PGs or something else, etc. Each year this seems to change so I was just wondering from those that have drafted or done a lot of mocks, what kind of trends they’re seeing. Hope my question makes sense. Thanks!
  7. Reunited with JWall... Houston the Comeback
  8. This guy should be able to continue to progress in the right direction. He showed flashes last season and now DJA is gone. Orlando drafted Cole but Fultz should get 30+ mins this year. Can he continue to turn things around? Seems tough minded, as he’s been through so much for such a young player. He’s definitely talented... maybe become an all-star some day?
  9. Roco and DJJ slotted for the starting forward spots. So it looks like Roco will start at the 4 and backed up by Zach (whenever he is healthy). This should give roco enough mins to be productive as usual.
  10. One year deal with Houston, presumably playing behind Woods? Playing with guards like WB and Harden (if they are there for the whole year), it'll be easy buckets down low. If he's anywhere close to healthy, is there a chance for a big comeback?
  11. That might be a better situation, especially now that Atlanta signed Dunn. No more backup PG mins.
  12. Thoughts on Huerter this year? He showed flashes last year and they even had him running the offense sometimes when Trey was out. I assume the signing of Gallo hurts him a little but can he possibly had a breakout season? Or are there just too many wings on that team? He got the most run last year compared to Cam and DeAndre.
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