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  1. I lost by 5 because McKissic got garbage time points including 9 with that last TD, Goff tanked Woods, and Jacobs wouldn't take the TD at the end😡
  2. AB is fine, and I'm comfortable going with Pittsburgh D
  3. I'll cross my fingers with Akers from that group.
  4. PPR? I'll go with Robinson and Dobbins
  5. NE - they look the best and i trust the most from that group
  6. If he plays, I'll lean to Jones (prefer Ari matchup vs Bal matchup). Else Baker.
  7. 12 team .75 PPR, I have a week 14 bye and the #2 waiver priority. I'm starting Drake and Gio now at RB (bench is Edmonds, Moss, and Mixon on IR). Do I use waiver priority on any of these, or save in case if something better next week? Ty Johnson (if Gore back by week 15, no idea on Ty's usage and week 15 is vs the Rams) Peyton Barber (Gibson sounds like more than 1 week with turf toe, and week 15/16 vs Sea/Car is not bad at all) Jeff Wilson (week 15 vs Dal looks good and he split touches last week)
  8. Sounds like you are on the playoff bubble. In that case, I'm not sure you can afford to lose this week? As much as I want CMC, seems like it may put you in a corner to get into the playoffs, so I wouldn't
  9. No JT tonight. Higgins and Edmonds (assuming Drake won't play).
  10. Hockenson is my TE (forgot to list above)
  11. Gio - seems like Mixon will be out again
  12. What is the rest of your roster? Would say keep Fulgham over Jamaal otherwise.
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