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  1. Facts. Drafted him in a 12 team and never considered dropping
  2. This guy is an easy drop in 12 teamers. No offensive game at this point, not a good rebounder, he can only really be a positive in steals/blocks. looks like he is also terrible at ft's. No one will add him unless you are in a 14 + teamer.
  3. It will be like AD going to Lakers after his supernova seasons in New Orleans, the dropoff will be significant there is no way it won't be playing with KD and Kyrie. They will all be 1st round values but there will be a lot more variance in their lines than normal, less so with KD but more with Kyrie and Harden.
  4. As good a game to rage drop as any. Was rostering him just due to minutes and he was getting a lot of steals early averaging just over 2 steals per game. Almost positive the steals were fluky and he is such a bricklayer, hate how is shot looks too
  5. They are winning more games than usual and won today. I agree with everyone that Quickley looks like a stud but Thibs will do what he can to win games. That said, I still think gradually Quickly will get more minutes and if the knicks start losing a lot, then he will probably change starting lineup as well. Either way he is a strong hold in 12+ leagues because there will be no wire guard that can provide ROS value like Quickley can
  6. keldon johnson lite. efficient and gets stocks and a little bit of everything except assists
  7. boys...we picked the right season to own MROB
  8. Hilarious the way you talk about Baynes you would think he is some strong big man in the league when he is actually a garbage can that has never played more than 22 min per game in his career because he is not good enough to play more minutes than that. Career averages of 6 pts 4.5 rebs 0.5 blks 0.2 steals lmao
  9. played well at end of the game too. 2 nice buckets back to back in OT for blazers to go ahead and played good D down stretch. the 2 ft he bricked at end of regulation were bad though and you could see the nerves.
  10. relax he will get better as the season goes on. he hasn't played that much basketball ... he only played 8 games last season let him get in shape then judge
  11. he's a good scorer but solid passer too. predicting 19 pts 3 rebs 6 assists with a steal and 2 3pm. prob fairly high turnovers and fg% around 43. should also be nice plus for ft% he hits them and he looks aggressive enough that he will get to the line so can be a good impact there.
  12. I would drop any of these for P. Williams, choose depending on which one is least suited to your team: Burks, Plumlee, Bertans
  13. Garland > Dinwiddie (by a lot) Nance > Baynes (by more than a lot)
  14. MPJ easily and I own both and spent more on Nurkic in my auction than MPJ. MPJ is going to be the most improved player this year. He put up that phat line last night while he had 3 fouls in the first 6 min of the game so did very little in the first half. He's the next KD.
  15. 16-5-2 is nowhere near his ceiling. that could be close to season averages depending on his progress, but I think he will have months where he goes off and averages like 22-7-2 with a sprinkle of everything else on above average efficiency. those stats you posted are basically what he averaged in the bubble, off the bench, in only 26 mpg. now imagine what he can do as the season progresses and he becomes more comfortable and is the full fledged starter getting 30-32 mpg. juicy.
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