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  1. 7 hours ago, DezedandConfused said:

    He'll be the 1st/2nd on total value. Also, any rest days would most likely affect the other two and not Harden. Throughout Kyrie's career, he has missed about 28% of games (536/744 games played). Like others have said, he looked overly passive  looking for teammates in the 1st half, which is natural trying to fit into a new team. We may see the 16-17 version of Harden though where he averaged 29 points/ 8 boards/ 11 assists not the 35+ points version. 

    It will be like AD going to Lakers after his supernova seasons in New Orleans, the dropoff will be significant there is no way it won't be playing with KD and Kyrie. They will all be 1st round values but there will be a lot more variance in their lines than normal, less so with KD but more with Kyrie and Harden. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, Minnesota_Jack said:

    Not wishing for injury but I am hoping Thibs puts Elf on the shelf.

    They are winning more games than usual and won today. I agree with everyone that Quickley looks like a stud but Thibs will do what he can to win games. That said, I still think gradually Quickly will get more minutes and if the knicks start losing a lot, then he will probably change starting lineup as well. Either way he is a strong hold in 12+ leagues because there will be no wire guard that can provide ROS value like Quickley can

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  3. 15 minutes ago, QingJames said:

    Baynes was really bad last game I agree, but he’s obviously a much better player than Boucher and it would be laughable to suggest otherwise. Len was actually serviceable. He was a big body on Embiid and prevent him from just posting up over and over, and he also provided a spark on offense. Yes he fouled Embiid some but it’s pretty hard to guard a 300lb dude who also happens to get some of the softest calls in the league.

    The rest of your post is just reactionary. A player can’t develop more once they hit 27? Powell took a big leap last year, if he was able to replicate that performance with fewer missed games I’d consider him developed further. He was a really good scorer off the bench last year so I wouldn’t say he isn’t good. Saying FVV and Siakam have plateaued after a rough opening 3 games is also just ridiculous.

    But ultimately, you’re just wrong that Boucher is a better option than Baynes. Baynes is a far superior player to him and Boucher will never approach Baynes’ level. Boucher may be better than Len, but we’ll have to see as the season progresses.

    Hilarious the way you talk about Baynes you would think he is some strong big man in the league when he is actually a garbage can that has never played more than 22 min per game in his career because he is not good enough to play more minutes than that. Career averages of 6 pts 4.5 rebs 0.5 blks 0.2 steals lmao

  4. 5 minutes ago, thrilla1nManila said:

    just picked this guy up. I actually don't know much about him other than he's better than the guy I dropped but what type of guard is he? Is he he a pure point or scoring guard? Just what type of stats do we expect from him? pts,ast, stls, good ft%, low fg% high to, 3s?

    he's a good scorer but solid passer too. predicting 19 pts 3 rebs 6 assists with a steal and 2 3pm. prob fairly high turnovers and fg% around 43. should also be nice plus for ft% he hits them and he looks aggressive enough that he will get to the line so can be a good impact there. 

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  5. 10 minutes ago, westbrookballin92 said:

    I went ahead and picked him up, as my other bids didn't go through. Only thing i'm not sure on here is where do we see his main value coming from? Doesn't appear to be more than a steal and 0.3 block per game guy, and probably in the 16-5-2 range. Is it the fact that he's likely to be efficient? Psyched to have him now, but trying to see his path to top 80-100 value and not sure how he achieves it. Any insight is appreciated!

    16-5-2 is nowhere near his ceiling. that could be close to season averages depending on his progress, but I think he will have months where he goes off and averages like 22-7-2 with a sprinkle of everything else on above average efficiency. those stats you posted are basically what he averaged in the bubble, off the bench, in only 26 mpg. now imagine what he can do as the season progresses and he becomes more comfortable and is the full fledged starter getting 30-32 mpg. juicy. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, QingJames said:

    I love RoCo but I may have made a league-losing error passing on MPJ for him....

    not necessarily league losing but MPJ imo is the next legit superstar ... I mean real superstar, like on KD level, very soon he is complete monster.  you don't lose a league this early in the season at all either, so many things happen so don't dwell on it. make other moves and snap up hot waiver adds as they come up to try to make up for it. 

  7. 23 minutes ago, rage2021 said:

    if you watched the game you can easily see the game is slowing down for him. he's reading the doubles since hes a shooter and in general finding the open man alot easier.


    i think he's going to avg 6-7 assist this year without Jrue and flirt with first round value this year.

    he was already first round value for long stretches last season. he averaged 24-6-4 with 2.4 3's, 1 steal and elite ft% (massive jump on ft% from previous seasons of over 20% increase). and that was season average...his stats saw a fairly decent dip across the board when Zion returned initially and he started to come on again toward the end of the season when he got more used to playing with Zion. 

  8. 6 minutes ago, Brye said:

    Want the good or the bad news first?

    Bad news:

    Foul trouble early, 2 fouls in 1st 4 mins and another foul when he came back in in the 2nd quarter ......

    good news:

    he started and he’s a monster, top 30 ROS. Elite fg% from a sf, elite 3’s , elite boards, 1-1 block and steal....... just wow 🤩 


    jokic found him and looked for him actually on the game winning shot, rimmed out but still that shows the trust in him. 

  9. 41 minutes ago, lacit1707 said:


    hes on waivers right now... owner dropped during the week of duds...my drops would have to be either Cam Johnson or PJ Washington. Favors is a possiblity as well but im not sure i trust Naz quite yet. definitely not using my waiver on him, so we'll see if he even becomes a FA

    I'm having the same issue. I think I have accepted that I have lost Capela as I don't expect him back now so want to drop him and Naz is looking by far like the best replacement..i just don't know if it will be really short lived and that depends on when/if KAT is back. might have to just make the move now though because i can just sense he will be added anytime now

  10. 5 hours ago, yung_fetty said:

    Keep in mind that Woj tweeted he would be "reevaluated in two weeks" 😬

    Ya this often means more like "out 3-4 weeks at minimum". it blows - terrible timing. I have Capela also. goodbye blocks category. only 1 IR slot too, if it looks more bleak in a few weeks on their updates will drop 1 of them 

  11. Lol before all the trades I was offered Myles Turner and Aaron Gordon for my Capela. I was really considering it even though Turner and Gordon were playing trash, because of Capela's heel issue and uncertainty about where he may be traded. Glad I did not accept because Capela situation looks fine, Myles is still trash, and the guy dropped Gordon who I picked up and has been pretty damn good last week. Didn't Myles start this season really well too? I thought he would have a good year but what happened?


  12. 3 hours ago, Huk said:

    My way of thinking is: He is on way less stacked roster then Denver, with no clear nº1 SG like Denver has.

    This alone is a good sign for him. Now is up to him to earn the starting spot.

    I'm confident he will, but even as a reserve, he'll get more minutes then he had in Denver.

    I agree with you just based on his new situation but I haven't seen him play that much or really looked at his Denver lines that much, mostly because I am pretty sure his lines in Denver only scratch the surface of his potential. Do we expect Beasley to be a plus contributor in steals? Rebs/assists probably fairly low right (like 4/3 maybe?). Upside in points and 3s should definitely be there on that squad, whether he is a big difference maker will be in stocks and rebs/assists. 

  13. so not cool. especially with how he has been balling it was looking like the stars were aligning to let him completely breakout. maybe drummond will be so pissed he won't play for the cavs and maybe TT is shutdown. I dunno its unlikely and he probably will go back now to a top 100-120 player (was top 35 last 2 weeks) but i would say wait 2-3 games and see unless there is a big pickup available for you.

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