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  1. josh richardson continuing his ******** pathetic performance from last game building a massive brick house
  2. Please just do something in the 2nd half mitch. at least stay in long enough to get 3 blocks or something smh
  3. I'm against KD and Klay but not that shook. I figure at best KD plays 4, and 3 is def possible. Klay probably 4.
  4. Same and he is going to smash this week...he's in one of his trends right now where he had like 3 or 4 meh games and now he will explode this week.
  5. 2 WB games better than 4 smart games almost any week I would say. play russ
  6. During this 5-game week there are 2 back to back sets. Mon/Tues and Sat/Sun ... I think it's more likely than not that he will sit out one of each back to back, so 3 games is most likely. I am going against the KD owner this week, so just trying to do some predictions on total games played for the week to try and figure out potential moves that may be needed. That owner also has Klay, is there any indication other warriors will sit any games this week? I haven't heard much.
  7. Do you predict he will play 3 or 4 out of the 5 games this week?
  8. I would drop any of Jaylen Brown, Clarkson, Dunn or Smart. Bagley will s--- on all of these guys, literally destroy them in stats next week with his 4 games.
  9. Lol that's not what the guy was referencing. He meant it as in like, get on your knees like slaves used to ... it was clearly racist and this is the only reasonable interpretation. Why would the guy ask Westbrook to suck his D like he used to? makes zero sense.
  10. Boom. Just in time to get a few games in shake off the rust for a big 4 game week next week.
  11. Great mentality but hopefully him pushing through the pain won't keep pushing a hole through our fantasy lines lol
  12. I have a bye this week but own doncic so I added Brunson as insurance for doncic plus he is balling out anyway. With 4 game week next week and 3 of those games before Friday he is a great add right now for any team
  13. I own both of them so I am as well. Do you think Barnes will be worth holding once Bagley is back anyway though? He still has the 4-4-4 schedule and he's probably still more reliable to produce something than the scrubs on my wire.
  14. I am glad because I have a bye this week but realize most won't. Jimmy has been so bad lately anyway the only real major loss is probably in steals since he isn't doing much else. Weird because right when he was brought in he looked to take an alpha role and hit 2 game winners in his first 4 games. Now he sits back like a role player...probably because of embiids crying
  15. it is really sad dude. the older form of the nba died when the guys like duncan, shaq, tmac, KG, iverson, kobe, dirk, wade, etc retire. the new nba is incredibly soft
  16. That's fine. But i would like to know what jrue owners were able to trade him for. Some leagues its insanely hard to make a trade. Teams are all competitive and everyone wants to feel like they get the better end of the deal. I am curious why, if you knew of the risk (which according to you and babyface was essentially a certain shutdown), you chose to hold a player you know will become useless? if that is the case, sounds like bad management that you didn't try to move him. especially true when it's a first round type player that will make or break your team in h2h, not like a mid rounder or
  17. So when a player is on the trade block that automatically tells you that player is going to be shutdown? will lakers shutdown Kuzma, Lonzo, or the rest of the team they offered up in trade talks for AD? This is bull**** man. It's so easy to talk big in hindsight. This is the Jrue forum, so presumably the owners who followed him most closely: speak up jrue owners if you used your crystal balls to trade your top 15 player after the trade deadline? I bet this happened in less than 2% of leagues, but I guess all the owners had no brains and couldn't spot this no brainer.
  18. Ya so Feb 22 was the first update about anything related to Jrue being shutdown. The other stuff was about AD, and ya it makes sense to shut him down of course because he is gone next season and they need to preserve him. Not the same thing with Jrue at all, who also had no injuries at all during the season to cause the team any concern about preserving him etc. Feb 22 is very close to most trade deadlines dude, most are default to like the 27th. so there was very little opportunity to predict any of this for jrue and then somehow trade him right before the deadline.
  19. I dunno, why don't you ask the Wolves why they play KAT? it's clear they are out of the playoffs, 7 games back of clippers, but yet they won't rest him or reduce his minutes.
  20. How was Jrue being shutdown predictable? The thought of that even potentially occurring would not have entered anyone's mind before Pelicans stated they wanted to sit AD and then there was the talk of the league not allowing it, so they reduced minutes. At that point, which was not very long ago, is when you may start to consider that..but the jrue update where it said he would be on reduced minutes was even more recent. You can definitely increase your margin for error by building better teams...in the last 5 years I finished first 4 of those years, yet didn't win the ship in any of the
  21. he's the most natural basketball talent of all time that is why. mastered every move and his drive is unmatched by anyone in the history of sports (all sports included) other than the true goats like Jordan, Brady, and Roger Federer
  22. Kobe has infinitely more skill than Lebron and is a killer and winner. Bron soft, needed 2 other hall of famers in their prime to get 2 of his ships and the third was lucky as hell, let's not talk about the losses because he quit in some of those series. it's embarrassing people think lebron is better than kobe. nba players will almost all disagree.
  23. I don't own Jrue but I genuinely feel for you owners. This is what kills a h2h season with pure unpredictable nonsense. When these type of full shutdowns happen to top 20 studs out of nowhere it's terrible. I have had this happen many times over the years. Then you lose to some trash team who picks up jrues replacement or something and want to quit fantasy forever lol. Somehow I keep going back to h2h though and don't play roto.
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