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  1. Slightly. I think the All star break will get rid of this issue though. Not a bad idea to throw some trade proposals out - he's just so hard to replace. You need basically like a Gobert to match what he does and the other owner would not do that without you adding a decent sweetener in.
  2. This would be dope. One of only trades I can think of that would probably not hurt his value and may even improve his value.
  3. Love how the Pellies tried to hype Jrue this season as an MVP candidate and now they want to get rid of him lol. It's not like he is remotely old and can't stick with their youth movement rebuild - I guess they rather have Lonzo given Ingrams monstrous improvement as the go to scorer.
  4. They both suck imo so prob won't regret it. Rui has talent but his game is not fantasy friendly - because he doesn't provide stocks or 3s (0.4 3s, 0.7 stls, and 0.1 blks are his averages over 29 mpg - terrible). He is basically a 2 cat contributor, points and boards, with decent %. So boring.
  5. On board, dropped Huerter. Let's see if he can push stubborn old-school casey to semi unleash him.
  6. Looks like I have been right so far. Last 4 games without Bryant he is averaging 10-8-1 with 0.6 3s, 0.8 stls, and 0.2 blocks in 25 mpg. Being dropped in most leagues already, yet half the posters in this thread would have had everyone believe he was going to average better numbers than Deandre Ayton did last season.
  7. The thing is though is that it seems Rui will be playing huge minutes while Bryant is out. Last 3 games, 38, 38, and 43 mins. I agree with you that Rui is no world beater, but he is trending up nicely and he's a touted lottery pick, compared to Wagner who is a nobody so far. I'm not even saying Wagner will suck...he played well in his role previously, but what I'm saying is that maybe he won't improve those numbers much as a starter, and especially if Brooks still limits him to 25 mins, that means Brooks doesn't like him as much as this forum does obviously. Wagner is getting way t
  8. Bruh you have seen what they are expecting... they are expecting Ghallager predictions or even their own higher predictions of like 17-10-3 with 1 block 1 steal 1.5 3s, a.k.a they expecting Vucevic from some bench wire player
  9. Lol man...guys in here are pretty clueless it's funny to me. First someone said they prefer to have Wagner over Adams who is on the wire (lol really?), and now someone dropped TT for wagner. TT is averaging 14 and 11 with a block a game and a guaranteed starting role with 30+ min per game for Wagner....an unproven nobody that has done absolutely nothing, not even shown a high ceiling or upside (please don't make sheep comments like ... ohh but if you extrapolate his per minute stats to 30 min he is gonna be averaging 18 and 8 with 1 block 1 steal because that is actually one of the most clown
  10. Rui owns wagner. Rui playing like 40 mpg. Knew he would be the main guy benefitting Bryant being out.
  11. In a competitive league Adams would never be on the wire to begin with. Last season dude averaged 14 10 and 2 with 1.5 steals and 1 block on high 55% fg. His negative is ft% which has actually been improving. Since he has gotten over his injury he has been a monster last 2 weeks check his log. Also has like 9 blocks over last 5 games.
  12. You are showing how little you know about basketball and fantasy its embarrassing. Adams is on your wire lmaoo
  13. Lol are you saying you would rather have wagner than Adams or JJJ? Lollllll
  14. His hype was never justified. Too many sheep in here blindly follow scrubs like josh lloyd and Gallagher
  15. He is the literal god of fantasy. Every category is elite. Even turnovers are elite for someone high usage and a star player
  16. Hopefully not gasol is the best Embiid counter for playoffs
  17. everyone is different but i don't have pg's that don't hit 3s on my team. also fultz is playing his best ball right now and can barely crack top 100. I prefer culver's out of position stats (blocks, rebs) over fultz higher scoring
  18. For sure. He's fine for Roto, but until this load management crap is gone or hugely reduced for him, he's a H2H do not draft for me going forward.
  19. amazing trade for you. kawhi load management is out of control. in h2h leagues I would move him for even a severe discount. let's say he has a 3 game playoff week, he could easily not play in 2 of those for load management and you have no idea or control of when it will happen.
  20. You know you are a true monster when Yahoo doesn't blurb you after a 39 pt 10 assist game on 57% fg. I think the blurb they did write about his usage decreasing once huerter, reddish, and hunter develop more is also a bunch of BS. He is probably close to, if not leading, the league in minutes and usage rate. That won't change.
  21. Don't think any KAT or AD owner would bite on that type of deal though - I know I wouldn't. If you can as a jokic owner though you guys should try this for sure.
  22. That is good news but I am pretty skeptical of that. I don't see Trae's usage going down ever. He is too alpha and the team needs him to be that away. Even Collins return probably just helps Trae get 2-3 more assists per game and doesn't change anything else. I agree that Huerter could still go off. I'm just not in a place right now to hold him through these times and will hope that no one else wants to hold him through the bad times and can get him later if he pops off.
  23. 2018: 52% FG, 79% FT, 0.9 3PM, 26 pts, 12 rebs, 3.9 ast, 1.6 steals, 2.4 blocks 2019: 49% FG, 86% FT, 1.2 3PM, 26 pts, 9 rebs, 3.2 ast, 1.4 steals, 2.7 blocks Is there really much of a difference that you miss "superhuman numbers" Nothing there is really significant, especially since his fg% has continued to climb since week 1. If anything, I prefer this season's line which keeps trending up.
  24. Didn't like his comments that his knee also still bothers him. If that is the case, I can't see the team unleashing him unless that goes away. I am pretty high on Huerter but that news pushed me away so I dropped for Rondo. Hopefully he will still be on the wire when he starts playing more.
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