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  1. 5 hours ago, Basketboss21 said:

    Love him, but he's not relevant in Category leagues, unless you are punting FG%, FT% and TO. In that case, you are probably last in the rankings as well.

    He's actually amazing in category leagues. This is because he regularly fills every category. Yes his percentages are bad but most guard have bad fg% and his volume is not that high that he will swing weeks for you. He also barely ever gets to the line. As an example even with his bad percentages so far this week my fg% is 49 and ft% 85. 13 players on a team. Good teams can handle 2 or 3 fg drains (if not more). 

    Guys don't listen to this dude Culver is only going to get better and he a is a 9 cat contributor which is rare and even more rare for a guard. Will be fantasy gold. Must add in 10 team + run don't walk

  2. 57 minutes ago, SkalChriston said:


    Don't worry, I got ya.

    Wagner after moving into the starting lineup:


    12.8pts / 5.9reb /1.8ast /0.6stl/0.5blk/ 3.4to  on 58/77 %'s. 26.5min


    It was just only a matter of time until he was unleashed. Might not want to leave that stud on the waivers too long.


    But according to your prediction, he is going to increase this by 3 points (most likely), add 4 rebs/game (nearly impossible), add 2.2 assists per game (nearly impossible, there are probably only like 5 bigs in the league that average 4+ assists), add 0.5 steals and 0.5 blocks (extremely unlikely). Maybe he could achieve all of that if he averaged 38 minutes per game. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Trench Mob said:

    Maybe the Rockets? @richg24


    His fantasy numbers would be even better lol. But are they even considered good? Personally no.

    Well for a 3rd center off the wire I consider him good for sure. But I just needed the rebs and high fg% from him. His negative is still the ft% but this season his stocks are better than normal so if he stays in his current situation o think we should all be happy that we got a double double center with a block per game. 

    I also agree with you that the interest in him would prob be limited. I def hope he stays with cavs and as a capela owner hell no keep him away from the rockets lol

  4. 16 minutes ago, SkalChriston said:

    How about some worst case scenarios!


    -Scott Brooks channels his inner Don Nelson and continues to roll out Hachimura and Bertans with increased minutes to Brown/McRae, while Wagner continues in his previous bench role at 25min.


    -Wagner gets to start but is constantly in foul trouble because his teammates are garbage on D and guards will drive straight into the lane to bait him, along with already having to deal with the bigs and his own tendencies to foul. Brooks decides to put him back in his bench role.


    -If he manages to stay out of fouls, he decides to be a total team player, boxes out reb for others like Lopez bros, dishes out hockey assists, or has his assists killed because Beal likes to be a little flashy before shooting. This is the Otto Porter Jr. scenario.


    -Ian Mahinmi returns and takes Bryant's spot and they sacrifice some O for D.


    Now here's my optimistic stat line where none of that ish happens:


    32min 16ppg/10reb/4.0ast/1.5trpl/1.5stl/1.2blk/3.5to on 55%/77%



    So Wagner becomes deandre ayton with more steals and blocks? You guys are really tripping lmao

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  5. People expecting top 30 or 40 value with any form of consistency are wilding out. There is probably a reason the coach would not play him more than 25 min even when he was beasting.  All of a sudden you guys think Wagner is the 2nd option on offense. Sharks post above me is way more realistic but I definitely don't see him reaching 1 block per game, prob not 1 steal either.  

  6. You guys are actually planning to hold a rookie on a pretty strict mins restriction that has a week to week injury status? Man, that is some serious patience. If IR slot is empty, sure throw him in and hold him there, but this is not the type of guy you let hurt your team every week by taking a roster spot. He may not return for like 4 weeks or more...week to week usually means a fairly long time. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, yung_fetty said:

    Hope he’s kept up his conditioning and comes out hot. Would be nice if that minutes restriction is lifted much quicker... they do need his offense and shooting badly

    I think it will be less restrictive each game. At least, that is how it was happening when he was being eased off his restrictions before the injury. So maybe like 18 min tonight, 22 next game, 25 next game, etc. up to hopefully 30-32 mpg or more...

  8. 4 minutes ago, stickman786 said:


    Those guys have been in the league for years. This kids a second year. Can he break from that mold or is he just going to be that.

    Hawks believe in him. It may not be this season that he is able to breakout but if he doesn't it will be because either he is not that good (at least yet) or he has more injuries that derail him. There is so much opportunity for him to thrive on the Hawks. They need another creator badly and with Collins coming back, the team will be much better overall, giving Huerter much more space to operate and shoot 3's. He hasn't shown too much yet, but he also was on restrictions until the injury. If you can afford to, it may be best to take a wait and see approach and give it maybe a 2-3 game sample size to see if you want to make the add. If you have some trash to cut now though and don't desparately need stats from his spot this week, worth the speculative add on upside and opportunity alone. 

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  9. 1 minute ago, stickman786 said:


    12 man standard leagues is usually what's assumed. So in your opinion you think huerter is more rosterable than IT, fultz, derrick white, hunters in competitive 12 man leagues? I'm just trying to guage value here.

    yes he is definitely more rosterable than all of them. 

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  10. Was recently dropped before his big game so I added him because had some trash to cut - do you guys expect his minutes to keep trending up or is last night just an outlier because the score was 125-150 so a lot of garbage time? I have seen very little of his play so don't have a good take on his outlook at all

  11. On 11/26/2019 at 12:56 PM, blaze4g said:

    I had dropped him a few days ago for Ky Bowman. I know many here advocate to hold players and act like that is always the best way to go. That is what I did with Prince instead of picking up Vanvleet. 

    He was a drop so you did the right thing. You give longer leashes to proven players or high draft picks. Generally if it's a wire pick or any rookie the leash should be short and should be ready to drop for any promising FA. I hit way more often doing this. Sometimes you regret the drop but I find that is very rare. Even when you do drop you often have a decent chance to get the player back unless they have a monster game while on waivers. I dropped PJ way back for devonte and that turned out well.

  12. 4 minutes ago, Lockdown said:

    Haha this made me chuckle 🤣

    Graham their best player? Boy you high. Lay off the weed next time pls. Graham wont even start on any other team, but his current one lol. Coach loves him for some unexplicable reason. I guess his defense, but whatever.

    Please tell me who is the best player on the Hornets then? Bridges? Batum? Washington? Lmao graham is better than all of them and it's not close. You guess his defense? What about the fact that he is top 5 in league for 3pm, or that he is in the top 10 in assists with 7.6 per game? Or that he is the only player on the team other than rozier that can consistently create his own shot and run the offense. 

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