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  1. Why would he start over Graham? Graham is their best player lol
  2. wait what? House is not available as a player in ESPN? Man i been saying it for years to ya'll, get off that scrub platform and join Yahoo. ESPN is obviously a joke for fantasy ball
  3. Don't really see why it's surprising to anyone he has always been the clear best fantasy player and it's not really close.
  4. Even when can't make a shot goes 13/13 from ft line showing his huge improvement there again. 2 blocks 2 3s 10 rebs...imagine he even shot 40% fg this game ... monster
  5. His bball IQ is super low so ya he messes up all the time but his athleticism and gambling every play helps him get big stocks
  6. I'll take 10 pts 5 assists 1 steal 1 block 2 threes on a terrible shooting night. He will have a bunch of nights like this but will have hot streaks as well. He's a rookie it's normal. The good thing is he clearly can fill up every category. If you have good fg anchors having one or two players like Culver is manageable in h2h at least
  7. I dunno man. He puts up nice stats in limited mins especially stocks but Adams is starting to come on and get into a groove so a lot of nights noel will only get 18 to 20 min. Adam's wasn't healthy before but seems to be nearly up to speed
  8. Ya 32 mpg is what they should keep him at. The 40 minute games are juicy for fantasy but will more than likely lead to injuries like the one he just had, I'm ok with his ceiling being reduced a little bit if he can stay healthy. Like you said, at 32 mpg he will still easily be a top 30 guy.
  9. Not only do I think he will not regress, I think he will keep improving as the season goes on. His confidence is bursting now, Zion won't affect this at all and anyone can see that Zion will have an early career Embiid season this year where he hardly plays, it's pretty obvious. Yes his 3pt% at 39 is realistic and of course 50% is not, and ya his ft% probably will be around 75%, which is meh but whatever it's not really a negative. The suns announcers (unbiased) last game kept stating the obvious as well, that Ingram is the best player on the team. I just don't agree with the approach of
  10. Nets will still make playoffs, the top 6 is set for sure in the east with bucks, philly, raps, celts, heat and pacers. nets are better than the rest of the teams except maybe Orlando, but there is room for both of them to make it. For sure the hornets, bulls, wiz, pistons, hawks, cavs and knicks not making it. so the competition is a joke in the east still.
  11. Fair points. But what you are missing is probably not watching Ingram, all you have to do is watch the games and you can see he is special. Scores in every way imaginable and does what he wants. He has that ability where if he is on, just like KD, you can't guard him it doesn't matter what you try to do. Also his mid range fadeaway is so filthy like he prolly yells "KOBE" in his head when he does it.
  12. 2nd rounder next season. KD comparisons are legit, in the 4th Q last night the way he did work was so reminiscent of how KD takes over games.
  13. rankings don't matter this early in a season, sample size is too small. for example, PJ Washington being dropped like crazy right now, yet he is still ranked in the 50s. It's because he has put up like 4 duds in his last 7 games...you can see in the thread the quick change from "wow one of pickups of year!" to "drop this bum." It happens quick. For Bryant it mostly depends on minutes. From October 23 to Nov 8, only 1 game he played he got less than 30 minutes. From Nov 13 to 20 (last 4 games), he has never reached 30 minutes, and the average over that period is around 25 minutes. So the
  14. He is FAR from an easy drop in redrafts. That has the potential for a league losing drop. I am disappointed in his start of course but will never drop him in my 12 teamer ... he should only be dropped if you are in a weak league where ROS studs are available on the wire somehow like Devonte Graham. Any other "top 100" player you are talking about being on the wire will very likely be dropped themselves after you add them, whereas JJJ we know has the upside and opportunity to be a top 40 player. Remember that last season he started terrible as well.
  15. Give it time. I think he is starting to emerge as the best of the 3 between him, bryant and bertrans. better defender than both of them I would say, definitely better offensively than both, plus his name sounds super cool and that's important too. I don't think he will explode but I wouldn't be surprised if he settles into like a 28 mpg role and if injuries happen to bryant/bertrans, look out.
  16. My reading comprehension lol. You literally said "Kyrie is a terrible NBA player." That doesn't mean fantasy player, there is not much to comprehend. I also do get what you are saying that he is super talented and skilled but hurts his teams...I mean he didn't work out with the Celtics for sure, but he made the Cavs 100x better than they were without him. I do agree with you about him being a giant tapeworm in the anus though ... his character is actually worth less than that.
  17. Vyun should stop posting on these forums man. Levert is far from trash, even if his fantasy game is a bit trash. He was excellent last season before his injury, and when he came back in the playoffs he was also the best or 2nd best player during those games. Kyrie is a terrible nba player? Are you serious man? I am a huge Kyrie hater, can't stand him and his personality and his whining but he is still an amazing player. If not for Kyrie, Lebron had no chance winning that title on the Cavs. Kyrie played great in those finals, hit the most important shots late in the games, and obviously the dag
  18. I would say the only once who has a chance to genuinely "blow up" is Garland. Dejounte I would never touch because he doesn't provide needed pg stats. Sexton sucks. White is a flash in the pan and will alternate duds with Sato and Dunn. Garland has easily the clearest path to 32-34 mpg role, the most upside, and in the best fantasy situation on that rebuilding cavs squad. Even still unless in very deep leagues Garland is just a watch list guy as he has not had one game that I would consider to be a really good game.
  19. Ya because the young guards have an impact on Tristan's 30 mpg....not. He has had basically one bad game, last night, on the season. He had 3 fouls in the first half of that game and never got going to recover in the 2nd. What will you say if next game he goes 20 and 10? Top 70 is hardly ambitious. I guess you didn't see last season where he was playing like a monster just like he is now before he got injured derailing his season. Even if he only averages 14 and 9 with 1 block on his percentages, that is guaranteed top 70.
  20. He will never crash will be worth owning all season but he obviously wont be top 30 overall like he is now. Top 70 very realistic though
  21. Oh I mixed that up then. Dont like as much but I agree I prefer Vuc over jrue this season
  22. Watch the crying on this thread once Ingram returns dropping his typical 25-5-5 games and we will see
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