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  1. What a surprise guys the best player on the team (with by far the highest usage), Ingram, is out and jrue goes off. The flip flopping is too much in so many of these threads its hilarious. The guy who sold for Randle and vucevic definitely won that trade and he should be laughing. When ingram is back jrue usage and numbers fall. I still think he is a clear top 40 guy but with the team fully healthy I dont see consistent top 25 numbers.  

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Spyplane said:

    Hey, if you believe in Chris Boucher I'd like to think you'd be a lot more open minded than this. And RHJ was not out of the rotation because of a lack of talent. He was out because he wasn't playing the system... Probably because he was playing for losers elsewhere and so he was playing like a loser. Losers don't focus most of their energy on defense and losers attempt low percentage attempts when they're not even a scorer. I hope he's worked that stuff out while thinking on the pine. It seems like he might have connected the dots. 

    I dunno man but generally good rotation players dont get DNP coach decision. Bad players do. System or not he has never fit any system because he plays like a SF but csnt shoot 3s (or ft for that matter). Ibaka is the out road block and hes out of the picture for the time being. Boucher looking like he will feast until that happens and maybe more ... we shall see

  3. 26 minutes ago, Spyplane said:

    RHJ played big minutes last game because OG was out and he capitalized on it. RHJ is the biggest threat right now outside of guys coming back. He was 'supposed' to be the guy to begin with. Here's a good take on him in regards to the loss to the Clippers:



    This coming from a ESPN's choice to represent the Raptors in their "TrueHoop Network".

    but RHJ is a trash player and that was evident during his time with the Nets when a lot of people projected him to break out yet he never came close. If OG wasn't out, RHJ would play less than 10 min per game or be a DNP - coach decision

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Riedle9 said:

    Marc Gasol is a better real life player than fantasy player now


    still very solid defensively even he won’t fill the stats sheet, can go small with Siakam at 5 too 


    I don’t think Boucher is that much of a stash 

    Stash? Not sure about that. Playing great for the time being? Yes. How long can this continue? At least until Ibaka comes back. When is Ibaka back? out indefinitely - this is usually synonymous with quite a long time, as this is not a day to day thing. It could be 2 weeks it could be 2 months, no one knows right now. No one has a future ball, the only point that should be made is he is 100% worth the pickup in 12+ team leagues (potentially 10 team) and it is looking like he could be gold at least while Ibaka is out. Then we don't know what his role will be when Ibaka is back but we do know this. Serge is no youngster and even when healthy he doesn't play a big minutes role or take up much usage, same with Marc who is regressing in ability day by day. I think Boucher has the potential for ROS value. If not, who really cares, he is a wire add that is paying off for his owners and we will take what we can get. 

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  5. 22 minutes ago, JormaJormala said:

    He does NOT pass the eye test. Not even close. I can't believe the chances he has been given.

    I agree with you here. I haven't had a chance to see games but I watched highlights of the last few. Even in the 31 point game he looked bad to me. His shot is ugly and mechanics look bad, his handle is super sloppy and he just looks rigid and has no smoothness. He's still on my team though because the team must like him or feel there are no other options and he gets big minutes and shot attempts so he's worth holding probably. 

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  6. 7 minutes ago, Brandayz said:

    Got dropped in my 10 teamer...This dude was a beast two years ago man 

    you have better options for a 10 teamer. gary produces a 25 min statline in 35 min on this nuggets squad. his role is defensive, offense is just basically open 3s and some cuts here and there for layups/dunks. 

  7. 7 hours ago, kane said:

    Is it just me think he is a little bit overrated in fantasy?

    poor fg+ft% low stock and turnover prone,rank outside 200 so far

    His fg% should be fine for his position but the ft% and nearly non existent steals really hurt. I think he may be one of those players that is much better in real life than fantasy

  8. 3 hours ago, Lakers_Fan2 said:


    Yes but most of us drafted him much below the value he is providing and he will only be out a few weeks for this injury.  Needless to say, I don't feel stupid for getting him for sub $10 in an auction.  

    most paid $20+. I paid $23 and knew he was still a huge steal at that price because he is worth more like $35-40 and he was producing better than that actually. any player can fracture their thumb i mean curry just broke his hand 

  9. 2 minutes ago, Dominator83 said:

    I did the same in round 5 when I picked Rozier over Brogdan and Sabonis. Yikes. In fact, I'm better off if Rozier gets injured, atleast then Graham would blow up into a top 10 guy! With JJJ, it's pretty much the same. If you have Clarke too, your better off if JJJ gets hurt 



    Oh ya? Clarke is just going to take over because JJJ has played like s--- to start the season? For like what 7 games? JJJ is mainly not putting up stats because of the fouls, last season he started the same way and his owners were dropping him all over the place. He then got into a groove and played great for stretches. We hoped there wouldnt be the same type of down period and trouble with fouls being a year more experienced, but it seems like that is definitely not out of the way yet. I still am confident that JJJ will be very strong down the road and when you need him most in 2nd half of season he will be a monster. Clarke doesn't even get big minutes when JJJ is not on the court, I don't have the slightest worry about Clarke stealing JJJ's minutes or stats. 

  10. Just now, vyun said:

    I dropped JJJ for John Collins BEFORE the latter got caught on PEDs. And I have absolutely no regrets about it, and would 100% do it again even if I found out about the 25 game suspension beforehand


    1. We don't care about what you did with your team. These threads are for analysis of the players.

    2. The fact that John Collins was available on the wire before he got caught with PED's means you must be in a 2 team league because Collins was drafted everywhere within the first 4 or 5 rounds. 

    3. Refer to point 1, based on your post, no one will care about your analysis of JJJ or whether you would drop him again. To be honest, in a league like the one you are discussing, it's probably a free league with a few of your buddies which is cool and all, but that is not relevant to any of us that play in competitive leagues. 

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  11. 3 hours ago, RunCMC said:

    Luke Walton is such a bad coach, I still trip out how he even got the job in the first place. 

    last name and his relationship with the lakers got him his coaching "in" (and the fact that when he played for the lakers he was sort of like a bench coach, helping with players morale and stuff like that since he sucked too much on the court he tried to make up for it), after that he should not have got another job but it's the Kings so what do you expect? 

  12. 7 minutes ago, rotojoe said:

    I dropped him to stream the spot for now, even without anyone great on the wire. I expect he will be OK, but he is not going to win any leagues for you this year. Probably will average 12-13 pts, 1.5 steals, maybe 2 threes, couple assists. That team is just too deep and his numbers are easy to replace. 

    So did I. His production isn't  better than streaming his spot in 12 team h2h leagues. He does very little with his minutes because he is happy to be passive and just play solid defense I guess. On this nuggets squad I think the top 50 gary harris is out of the question


    1 minute ago, Lob City99 said:

    Sorry just saw the update lol Still worth an add?

    Definitely. His stats for 20 min per game were decent, another 5 min will help a bunch. Also, he played the last back to back and the 20 min cap was increased after just like four games, it's reasonable to think the 25 min cap increases to 30 min in another two weeks. He is a nice sg to own to boost assists and I think the 3s will always be there, great shooter, steals will be interesting to see where those will end up. 

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  14. 22 minutes ago, johnval1362 said:

    Not at the price he was going for. $20+ early mid rounds he went for, so unless you got him at a complete steal he looks like he will underperform in comparison to his likely high purchase price. No ones gonna win their league with a $22 player being worth $14-$26. He could certainly still meet his expectations but being a difference maker or top player in the league seems highly unlikely. All depends on how you drafted the rest of your team.  Watched him play and honestly doesn't look like he improved much over the summer. Looks exactly the same so maybe expect similar production to last year, or slightly better. If he does lower his fouls, his block value will likely decrease a little per minute but the extra minutes from not fouling could make up for that. I don't see him somehow getting tons of blocks in comparison to last year while not fouling at this point. Similar to mitch rob. 

    $20 is not expensive in a $200 auction, it's the equivalent of like a 5th rounder.  JJJ will be fine . He was (trying) to guard AD last game, so it's understandable what happened. I still expect about 18 pts 7 rebs 1.7 blocks 1.2 steals and 1.5 3s with good percentages, that is a pretty rare and valuable line. I also believe he will have a bigger 2nd half than 1st, as memphis will be less competitive by then and he will have more free reign. He's sort of like Myles Turner, probably won't massively breakout like a lot of people expected yet, but he will have value for his stocks and not hurting you, and still has explosion game upside when things go the right way. Actually, in terms of fantasy lines, he is Myles Turner, just with more steals and less blocks, and the potential to get more pts. 

  15. 16 minutes ago, COBBLEPOT said:

    what happened to the kobe’s of the nba? 

    gone after his wave (shaq, kobe, duncan, dirk, wade) retired. load management smh ... kobe would manage his load all over the other team's faces while playing through sprains and fractures all over. soft nba is new nba reality. 

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  16. 8 minutes ago, Bluo said:

    I am curious how the return of Zion will impact him. At this rate he’ll win MIP. He might even make an all star team 😂

    Can he do either of those with Zion?

    Zion is still 2 months out. Can bet the house he will have restrictions on return and a clear minutes cap. No b2b. Ingram breakout is real he looks like Durant out there again the comparisons are going to come back full circle again

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