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  1. 13 minutes ago, Quazza said:

    Just traded for him (gave up D Russell) in a points league where TO's REALLY hurt you and i desperately needed a PF.

    aaaaaanyway, really high on this kid. Not 100% this year will be the "breakout" year, but it's definitely coming


    Massive talent

    what a donkey that other guy is for making that trade. this will be the breakout year. it already was last year its just that he only played 22 min per game on average. when he played he beasted. 


    watch the game where he lit warriors up for 31 or his birthday game when he got 24 16 and 4 blks

  2. 1 hour ago, ilikemockdrafts said:

    Where do you guys see him being ranked end of the season 9 cat? Realistically. 


    Any worries of Al Jeff taking mins? 

    if he maintains good percentages and gets about 14 ppg with 2.2-.2.5 blocks. top 40, maybe top 30. if you watch him you can see he's a monster

  3. 7 hours ago, Hooligans said:

    A lot of players in NBA are talking about Turner, that he is a Lamarcus Aldridge with defense. I'm really high on him, can see averages of 14 pts, 8,5 reb and 2,8 blk

    i know that you made this up because no nba player would make that comparison. they are nothing alike, turner is super athletic, aldridge is not he just has great moves and a great midrange game. turner is a shot blocker, aldridge lucky to average 1 blk a game.... turner is not gonna get 2.8 blks per game tho thats insane. 


    14 and 8.5 is realistic tho and maybe 1.8 blocks-2 blocks

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