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  1. 1 hour ago, kane said:

    The problem is denver is too deep and have too many scoring option...Jokic and Murray are the 1a and 1b scoring option,then Harris,Barton,Millsap will fight for shot each other,and don't forget they still have Beasley,Grant also need some shot,so you can't promise Harris will have enough shoot attempt in every match

    That is not really too many scoring options. Jokic is not a big scorer he averages like 18 to 20 ppg. Very low average for the teams alpha. Murray is fairly high usage and scoring but still nothing crazy. Harris is just playing badly, the opportunity is there. Maybe he just sucks now or lost his confidence though...havent seen the games so no idea but he was dropped in my league so I'm watching now

  2. 6 hours ago, Mad Luke said:

    He is a good shot blocker, but sometimes he wants that block so hard he leaves his man so he can block someone's shot with help defense. Better players see this and get the ball moving and score. Also he is making dumb fouls because he doesn't keep his hands up when following defender. Positioning is a problem too, as @richg24 said.

    IMO he won't get that many minutes, but could have some fantasy value in certain matchups.

    Agreed with all of that. It's too bad because he has huge fantasy potential ... like mitch rob numbers almost per minute. But Stevens is trash bag fantasy coach and without two of either theis and kanter out, he will not be worth owning except in 14 or 16 teamers

  3. 20 minutes ago, WhiskerFrisker said:

    Thoughts on his performance against the Jazz? He is taking a lot of fade away mid range jumpers instead of being assertive. He finished with just 21 points but perhaps LeBron dropping 32 wil lmotivate him too. The stocks were nice though.

    Prob playing through some nerves being on a new team on the biggest spotlight stage is different than on the pelicans. Also adjusting to new offense coach and teammates. Of course his shooting will go above 50% soon making the points closer to 27-29 per game as we expect. The one mild concern I have is rebs. They have excellent rebounding bigs with McGee and howard and lebron as well so I can see his rebs being more like 9 or 10 this season which does suck a bit but oh well. 

  4. 42 minutes ago, KingDURANTULA said:


    I own PJ in most of my leagues, been getting offers all day, the best so far is Bam, I guess. Had to think about that one, holding for now. 

    lol wtf take bam now, man people are straight wilding. PJ is a nice hot add and might be a hold ROS but Bam role is more solidified and offers a more versatile stat line, unless you are in huge need of 3s and points over all other cats. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Impeccable said:


    At best you are getting points and 3s with PJ.  Low stocks and a horrible ft %.  Pass

    LOL his stocks will likely both be above average. horrible ft%? he shot 82% through summer league and preseason. try harder bro... you mad you missed out we get it. 

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  6. 5 minutes ago, Johnnyapplebot said:

    Well for me the doom and gloom is that the coach is already saying hes good offensively but sucks defensively which of course will limit his minutes and pair this with the fact that hes a 19 year old teenage rookie with years of team control, the heat who are in no way championship contenders but in the east a possible playoff team will not be rebuilding ala the Charlotte Hornets so Herro messes up on defense he might get the quick hook with the intention of hes young he will learn we dont need him this year and he's a work in progress with no rush essentially. I might be reading too much into it and obviously I am not dropping as of yet (unless a PJ Washington type guy comes out of nowhere again) so I will be holding him to see what his minutes/situation is once Butler is on the team but knowing now that hes the one who wasnt even considered to be starting definitely puts a gallon and ice cold water into the preseason sleeper hype.

    I think you are reading way too much into Spo's comment about defence. His D didn't look all that bad to me, he wasn't losing his guy and he had a nice athletic block off the backboard. I think Spo was just saying something so that the Rooks head doesn't get too big.  It's not like the other options on the team at his position are good defenders (and even if they are slightly better than him, his offense and shooting would make up for it). Butler is super high on him and if Butler has a lot of pull, which most think he does, then Herro should be safe. We will see anyway. 

  7. 51 minutes ago, Johnnyapplebot said:

    Well he wont be starting meaning his minutes will be capped being Butler's backup......I dont see much value in a 19 year old backup rookie on redraft leagues. I might move on from him.

    For now....that could all change quickly though.  I think this would be their best lineup:

    PG - Nunn

    SG - Herro

    SF - Butler (in reality he will be playing a lot of PG since he will always have the ball)

    PF - Leonard (he is awful, but not many options)

    C - Bam

    Winslow off bench for playmaking in the 2nd unit and some scoring pop. 

  8. 6 minutes ago, Pirate said:

    Not an AD owner but give clips credit. Even though he scored 25 he had to work pretty damn hard for every bucket. No spin and alley oops etc etc. He had a few easy ones on mismatch with harkless but that’s bout it. His boards mights come down though. It seems like he’ll have more help on the boards and prob won’t see as many of those 15-18 board nights.

    He didn't do anything in the 2nd half. 3rd q it's because he was too passive and in 4th lebron ruined the game and didn't pass to AD, instead he would drive and kick to guarded shooters like KCP, Cook, and Green. Green I understand because he was on fire and hit like 5 3s in the 3rd but bron played really bad to close that game and made bad decisions. A lot of people were saying Lebron looks old now and he will just rely on AD to carry him, not sure that is the case, bron still must have a lot left in the tank they just need more time to gel with the new squad. It is possible his boards drop, he was often not under the basket for rebs and was sort of leading out for the outlet passes. His long 2s were all clanking, i wish he wouldn't take those, just go inside or shoot 3s. 

  9. 39 minutes ago, StifleTower2 said:

    Oh geez.  Top 50?  He’s a lock for top 30imo.  Once that shot falls we are looking at 19/6/5 with 2.6 threes/1.3 steals.  I’m only knocking his assists down bc it’s seems he will be off ball more.  But he’s a great three point shooter so that doesn’t hurt his value too badly. 

    I hope his assists don't fall that much but I watched the game last night and he definitely did play off ball more with Siakam going point forward style lot of possession. lowry was one of the few guys who people hoped would be at like 8ish assists....one of main reasons I drafted him to supplement Trae's assists. Oh well, can't have it all, aside from a little rusty shooting he looked great and knocked down his most important dagger 3 when it mattered so confidence is there. 

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  10. 6 minutes ago, yung_fetty said:

    What happens when Zion comes back and plays all the minutes @ the 4? Ingram looks great but I'm not sold on him quite yet 

    i don't see Zion playing more than 40 games this season. preseason already took out his knees, his body is not ready for an nba season. 

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  11. Ingram is a breakout candidate. I got him for $3 in auction this year lol. A lot of people just down on him but he has always had a lot of talent. Now he will be the 1st or 2nd option on offense. Should easily score more than 20 ppg but how much of a breakout he can have will depend on his stocks and 3s. he only averaged 0.7 3s on the lakers because of the way they used him and I could see him easily averaging like 1.3-1.5 on pelicans. 

  12. 4 minutes ago, deathrazor said:

    FVV starting is hurting Lowry's assist? Anyone watching?

    lowry will probably just start a little slow this season. he had no preseason really and he had thumb surgery in off season so it's reasonable to expect him to take a couple weeks to really get going. he looks fine out there though. 

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  13. 19 minutes ago, Starvela said:


    Yeah I know, sometimes draft doesn't go as expected, now I really need the 28-30 PP (Beast) he was in NO, but I can kiss that goodbye, Lebron is on a mission it seems...Just feel Towns is going to be a 28 PP this season...I just drafted him based on NO numbers, those numbers justified injury concerns for me, so anything less will be underwhelming, for me at least, since I had pick 2...

    You think you can kiss him averaging his norms in points goodbye because of what? One of the best players of all time is scoring in the 20s in preseason games? Please man, preseason is for judging rookies and unknowns, not players like Lebron or AD. AD will likely have his best fantasy season to date. 

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