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  1. You took him in the 7th so I think you will be happy enough with his production there. If he doesn't shoot terribly, that is probably his floor for ranking purposes. I owned him almost every season, and you may be on to something about last year having too much pressure. Last year he was hyped quite a bit because of his "featured role on offense" and being a more "primary ball handler" and I took him in the 5th (maybe even 4th)- you're right, I don't think that is what he is good at. He is a slasher and streaky shooter defensive specialist. He is probably best suited to a Covington role, and
  2. Owned him last year in h2h league, couldn't stand owning him. For those that actually owned him, they will know what I am talking about. I remember well he was awesome for the first few weeks then terrible for a very long stretch, the only thing that kept most from dropping him were his solid steals and blocks for a guard, but believe me they did not make up for his terrible shooting with low points, rebs, and assists as well. He did somewhat come on stronger after the break, but was massively inconsistent. He would rarely ever have a good week of 3-4 games, he would have like 1 great game and
  3. The one thing you don't have to worry about with AD is his numbers. Even if his scoring went down from like 27 to 25, who cares, because his assists will prolly go up to around 5, and very likely his fg% will jump to around 55% being surrounded by much better players + Lebron.
  4. He's done man. Late round are for high upside fliers, not washed up guys like Dragic that won't get drafted unless you draft him.
  5. Jokic because he is the best player there and has a pretty solid 3p%. That really devalues a guy like Lillard who is a beast at 3pm. Embiid and Kawhi can have the potential to be better than jokic but they have too much downside with load management
  6. Agree big on Kemba. But Blake is pretty damn injury prone, seems there is always something, so that is why he gets downgraded a lot by most even though he does put up THICC counting stats. His fg% was 46% last year which is awful for a big man, his ft% was 75% on very high volume as well (7 attempts) which hurts more than a 60% ft guy on like 3 attempts. For teams that can handle these weaknesses though his counting stats are great, he is just an odd fit on a lot of teams, especially because he also doesn't block or steal. So really he is only useful for pts, rebs (which are still well below a
  7. Points = wash, Rebs = wash, fg% = ayton, ft% = wash, blocks = ayton, 3s = vuc, assists = vuc, steals = wash. Stats wise, comes down to whether you prefer ayton with more traditional big man higher fg% and block profile or vuc more all around, with some more 3s and assists. If i was drafting, I would go Ayton. More exciting and more room for growth, and with Vuc there is still some risk that his production goes down if Isaac and potentially Bamba breakout, Gordon might also finally improve more and reduce Vuc role slightly but those are pretty doubtful except for Isaac breaking out a
  8. Ya i don't get it, if anything this season should have been one of his highest preranks. He has always had a more clear lead scorer on the team with Derozan and then Kawhi, now it's just Siakam (who is not as high usage or such a big scorer like Demar or Kawhi) and a bunch of system/role players around. Biggest opportunity he has had for fantasy purposes I'd say. I guess they are focusing on the age thing that he is getting older but as long as he is still motivated he will be fine and raps should be solid enough that he will play hard all season.
  9. I agree with that also lol. I drafted Lowry for $23 though he didn't come cheap (I am from Toronto though and so is about half my league), got Trae for $31.
  10. What if lonzo improves and gentry loves him and his connection with Zion? Its clear they are bff already and throwing non stop lobs in practice. Jrue is a great player but lonzo could impact him quite a bit and it seems people aren't really considering that much when rating jrue. I guess even if his usage goes down he will still be really good for steals and out of position blocks. With trae you have seen already his elite 2nd round production for last full 2 months of season and he is the guaranteed focal point of the offense controlling all the possessions. To me that's a safer pick.
  11. He already had to leave the preseason game cause his mask hurt him lol he's the softest guy in NBA
  12. I would take him over Kyrie, Kemba and Jrue if that helps you at all. Kyrie will miss games and be managed that's obvious, plus he is just incredibly soft and will miss more time from small stupid stuff. Jrue I have concerns about too because of Lonzo and Kemba is on a new team so that always introduces unknown and I don't think the Celtics situation is as good as his Charlotte one was. Trae is the undisputed leader alpha dog for the Hawks and his skills are insane. He is like curry but with kyries handling and finishing ability (not quite but getting very close) and cp3 type court vision, he
  13. 3rd round is not his ceiling though ... if he fully breaks out and is a focal point for scoring on that team 1st round is his ceiling.
  14. Same but in an auction for $20 and $21. I like the combo. Capela more traditional big stats with the high fg rebs and blocks with sort of bad ft and JJJ with some out of position stats like 3s more points and better ft. Should work nicely
  15. It varies year to year based on which players are available in each round. As Stifle pointed out, good PG's are scarce this year (this is a recurring trend) and bigs are more available later that offer some upside or have some established track record of being decent. I think if it's your first year, I would go first 5 rounds all big men and point guards. You don't have to alternate back and forth, just take the best big man or pg available that round but I don't recommend going more than 2 of the same position in a row, so don't go C, C, C or PG, PG, PG. Still there are some later roun
  16. Pretty big oversimplification. There are also many advantages to not punting as well. The top 2 seeds in most leagues get byes, in my experience the top 2 seeds are usually non punting teams with amazing records that often average stronger than a 6-3 week, incredibly hard to do while punting. Being balanced allows you to win cats that you may have punted previously because often other teams have punted or semi punted a category you didnt and just being average in that cat can be a plus against several teams in your league. Being balanced is less vulnerable to injuries derailing your
  17. He got nominated sort of late in the 12 team auction I just did and I got him for $21. Excited to see what he will do this season presumably being fully unleashed from the jump.
  18. On board this season. Kyle and Siakam will have to carry the raps offense. Drafted Kyle for $24 in auction last night - he has never really had this much fantasy opportunity before, so even with his age, I have a good feeling about this season.
  19. I agree with you...but hope that someone does reach in the 2nd round. He's very dud prone because of his fouling issues and inability to score. It's much better to take 2 shot blockers that can equal Mitch's block output, in lets say rounds 5 through 8, maybe like Whiteside + Brolo or Allen or something like this. I'm sure most would rather have those 2 at their prices than Mitch at 2nd or even 3rd round. In 2nd and 3rd rounds you almost always are going to need multicat studs that fill up mostly everything, if not it's very difficult to make up the counting stats as you go unless you strike g
  20. this is why they prolly nba champions this season. they should do every single thing they can to try to add a decent big man though it's really their only hole right now.
  21. Lmao well played you just destroyed the dude with pure evidence of his ignorance
  22. "Lowry sucks" lol ok bro. he was the 2nd best player on raps in the finals series, came up huge in game 6 to close out. For the playoffs he averaged something like 16 pts 7 assists 4 rebs 1.3 steals 2.3 3s on 44% fg (decent). Ya he will prolly miss time from injury as he typically does, usually later in 2nd half of season but he doesn't suck, especially not in fantasy where I think he will be very good this season.
  23. Quietly raking with a 16 game hit streak and flashing power lately. Creeping up the rankings. Looking good.
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