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  1. Depends where KD, AD, Kawhi go. If they all stayed on same team: 1. AD 2. Harden 3. Towns 4. Curry 5. Jokic 6. Durant 7. Giannis 8. Kawhi 9. PG13 10. Lillard
  2. Need an efficient night with some steals too gallo I know you gonna come through
  3. Finals week. Missed games from: nurkic, jrich, doncic, gallo, Bledsoe, bagley. f--- h2h man. Does ESPN h2h allow you to adjust playoff weeks to move it earlier in season? If so, can you start at like week 18 or 18?
  4. is he a good add for tomorrow? not sure since lamb is in and batum could play
  5. Looking for back to back duds on tanking fg% from you bruno. Sorry owners 😛
  6. f--- man this finals week is coming down to assists and 3s and hes out Sunday. Wish they could have said that yesterday and could have added someone with the back to back. Smh luka my team is named after you and now I gotta drop
  7. Please dont rest today rooster need you to keep carrying. You only played 24 min last game tell doc to suck a d if he wants to rest you
  8. Need a repeat type performance Sunday from kcp. Lebron please play Sunday
  9. i think he will play better tn with lebron in. prediction 4 3pm 19 pts 4 rebs 3 assists 2 steals.
  10. i don't own him but I am against him in the finals. hoping he doesn't play lol but I expect that he will so prepared for it.
  11. dropped yesterday for seth curry. gain 2 games if JRich doesn't play and waiting to see if someone is out and missing a valuable stream game if they are out is usually a bad decision. especially when Jrich last possible game this week is tomorrow. many wire guys have 2 more games guaranteed
  12. 6 categories but ok, i know you kept him for next 2 games even though you ripped on him last night lol.
  13. It's a lot different for an athletic freak like PG coming back compared to a big guy like nurk who has weight/conditioning issues as is. I feel for him man, I really do he was gonna have a great career, but odds are this will destroy it. ******** sad bro i love nurk. hope he can recover but i will root for him in real life next season, not fantasy.
  14. Ya maybe he needs lebron playing to set him up for open 3s. Hopefully he can turn it around 2nd half a bit
  15. What is this clown doing with no stats and 1 shot getting near end of 1st half. He just off last game too lol smh
  16. Drafting him next season too. He still will go too cheap. I bet his adp will only be in the 60s in 12 team leagues.
  17. They are actually. Less games played = less chance of being injured over the course of a season. All else equal, if Nurkic plays 82 games in a season he is more likely to be injured than he if played 65. That is 17 less games played that he could have a serious injury in. Seems very straight forward. The injuries themselves I agree with you are random, but they are more likely to occur over a larger sample of games.
  18. Sucks in fantasy, sucks way more in real life. At least for owners he went down in flames after a monster night that was good for about 2 games worth of stats. Just terrible timing before playoffs. I guess this reinforces all the coach decisions to rest their key players down the stretch...each game not played is one less chance for some trash like this to happen. I don't agree with the resting and stuff as a whole but I see why it's done from a team standpoint.
  19. if you lost nurk and need to replace big man stats grab kanter, if need 3s and mix of other stuff I would go for harkless
  20. Kanter obv. must add now. i just dropped nurk for him
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