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  1. Line not that bad. 2 3s a steal and a block. Obv not good but didn't hurt really. If he sucks again tmrw drop after the back to back
  2. you guys like moe over harrison barnes this week? better schedule finishing 4 games on sat instead of sunday.
  3. Coming off of 3 losses in a row I doubt kyrie sits
  4. our boy losing some steam here? lower mins, 28 and 26 last two games. weak line last night. 3 game week next week, time to move on?
  5. Was going to add isaac but after last night and coach comment I chose Bryant. Both have 4 games but Bryant role will be bigger and safer to expect a decent line
  6. isaac got dropped this week in a lot of leagues dude. it was a 2 game week and he was coming off a terrible stretch
  7. And jokic. He is also a super safe first rounder that you dont need to worry about resting and fake injuries
  8. I'm going to drop for issac who plays a back to back Monday and Tuesday next week. Mitch first game not til Thursday so if needed I will try to add him again on the 27th (wed)
  9. well he has 2 games next week so I'm sure just like me everyone going into the finals will be dropping him after his game on sunday.
  10. What we all need to do is petition yahoo to allow for playoff week changes. The earliest they allow it now is week 22-24. They should make options for weeks starting earlier, as early as like week 18-20, and then options to go all the way to week 24 or whatever but the joke resting period really only starts to get bad in weeks 22 onwards.
  11. with bagley seeming to come off his mins restriction and barnes also playing well I don't think Bjelica is reliable at all. He may produce something solid like last game, or he could easily have a dud like the 3 games before that. the fact that he has 3 games left is a positive because you are likely to at least get 1 good game but who knows. they may be better options. I think Noah is a better option.
  12. He's been worth it to me as long as he gets the blocks. Also you never know he could not be in foul trouble, play 25 min and put up a nice line. He was doing it before when DJ was there, so it can happen again, Fizzdale very unpredictable. If he has a complete dud tonight again I will drop unless its like 0 pts 2 rebs 6 blocks, I will be forced to keep then haha
  13. Ya I agree but he said this week is his finals
  14. I mean...if you drop him you are gonna lose anyway I would think. Better to keep and hope you make it through this week and just pray he plays all 3 games for 20 min/night next finals week. Who is available that could possibly get you what AD does in 20 min? I am sure no one.
  15. Omg he scored like 20 in 4th quarter and won game literal God dlo. At a certain points nets were down by about 30
  16. this is why you still fire your boy DLO up for a 2 game week. he just scored like 8 pts in a row to bring them from down 20 to 12. beastmode
  17. lot of crying in here in recent pages but he has been a monster these last 3 games
  18. Bad luck but a lot of this is your own fault if you are still rostering warren, brogdon, oubre, or teague, all should have been dropped before this week for streaming spots.
  19. 4th quarter to go and already his best line of the season. great timing dre edit* looks like he may not get run in 4th since they blown out
  20. the question that matters is: do we drop now? minutes are so low and literally nothing except blocks last few games. 3 games left still though
  21. he's just warming up. was super passive in the 4th passing up so many open shots, a bunch led to assists which is good but I have a feeling next few games will be around 30 ppg
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