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  1. Julian Merryweather just looked electric striking out the side in the bottom of the 10th against the heart of Yankees lineup to get the save. I think it only took 11-12 pitches with one ball. He was 0-2 on the thrid hitter with a strike to get an immaculate inning but spiked a slider. High 90s heat with great changeup against a LHH and slider against a RHP. Definitely worth a look to speculate. Romano probably still the guy (he got the 9th with tied, Dolis got the 8th when tied), but Merryweather just looked too incredible to ignore for me.
  2. Hitting leadoff and starting at SS. Here we go.
  3. I've actually seen this backfire, and I tend to use the opposite strategy. I tend to nominate closers that I want to target with my first few auction picks, as I would suspect smart owners know they don't need to overpay for a closer right away. Meanwhile, if there is a closer run the mid tier guys tend to go over value. My first few drafts I have thrown out Rafael Montero early for example (mid tier guy I personally like) and have been able to land him both times at his projected cost, while similar tier closers that went off once majority of guys ahead of them went off were overpaid (owners
  4. The projection systems are low based on playing time and likely take 0 value into his Spring (which maybe is right).
  5. Looks like Kike leading off for now with Verdugo batting second. Its an odd choice but that's how its been majority of Spring Training.
  6. Projection systems have him at around .200 this year. Honestly I think the upside is he hits .220 - .230 this year and delivers 20 HR and 25 SB. There's definitely value in that but that is the upside in redraft. Its more likely he ends up around the Mendoza line with high teens HR and high teens SB. Maybe there is value in that too but it likely comes with weak R and RBI so its a negative in 3 stats, positive in one (SB) and average in one (HR).
  7. Personally I think there is bigger potential but the projection systems are projecting that as a baseline if given playing time.
  8. He had a shoulder injury during the playoffs last season so they are taking it slow in Spring, this was the plan from the start. https://www.nbcsports.com/edge/baseball/mlb/player/14867/devin-williams
  9. I think it would have been nice to have a choice. For me personally I like FAB better. When I was in college I would have said I like free agents better where I was able to follow the news constantly and take advantage. FAB removes that advantage from some who don't have that ability.
  10. Deep bench Daily league is only set up he will be useful from the start. He will need injuries to generate value. He is the super utility player and should be every position on the field outside P and C this year. Chances are he will get a chance at some point to start full time, but he is a tough hold in weekly or shallow bench leagues. On a per AB basis, he is a top 200 player. Just a question whether he will get enough ABs to capitalize.
  11. Jorge Alfaro is my deep league catcher steal. In 2019 had 18 HR and even threw in 4 SB. He had a down year in 2020 while dealing with contracting COVID-19. I'm mainly in because of the occasional SBs and playing time. His sprint speed is 79th percentile, and he does have a SB in Spring. I think he can throw in 5 SB. Playing time, the only backup is Chad Wallach. Pitchers also like throwing to Alfaro. I'd expect him to play 130 games this year. I'm expecting 15 HR and 5 SB this year with solid R and RBI based on playing time. Great C2 option.
  12. I also have Luke Voit on this team 😂
  13. The bigger concern is 2020 was a disaster because of no more trash can.
  14. Strikeout upside but he will probably be significant innings limited.
  15. Maybe I'm just being overly optimistic, but I think Karinchak will be fine and run with the closer role. He was elite last year, and while his Spring hasn't been great, his stuff still remains elite. Wittgren and Clase are also getting overhyped, IMO. Wittgren has 4 career saves in 198 games, and has never had an xFIP below 3.98 in his career. Clase on the other hand missed all of 2020 due to injury as well as suspension. He has great stuff, but in his only MLB experience his K/9 was only 8.1, compared to Karinchak's 17.0. I believe people are just overreacting to Spring numbers whic
  16. I'm expecting he will be hitting 5th - 6th and starting at 2B to start the year.
  17. All Yahoo Public / Pro Leagues transitioned to FAB budgets last year (Pro Leagues were canceled so the transition never went into effect). There is a daily blind auction for every player on waivers. The system is much more equitable than the waivers driven by draft position and eliminates the rush to add players when news breaks.
  18. Salfino has a lot of these one off kind of crazy takes based off eye test / small sample, but Chisholm is still a player to pay attention to. He's having a very nice spring with 3 HR and 4 SB, .351 OBP. Still striking out a lot, but at this point that looks like its a part of his game. He seems to have won the 2B job so no service time issues here. Should have SS and 2B eligibility in most formats. Not someone I am targeting in standard and even deep leagues, but might be someone I'd be quick to pick up if he gets off to a good start based on the upside potential.
  19. I haven't pulled the trigger on Cooper anywhere yet, but he is on the top of my watchlist. Any injury to Dickerson, Marte, Duvall, or Aguilar would turn Cooper into a priority add. Hard to envision him having much fantasy value unless one of those 4 get hurt or have a very bad slump.
  20. He will be the starting 2B. Hasn't been officially confirmed anywhere that's where he's played majority of Spring and the position is wide open. He's capable of playing anywhere in the field, though.
  21. If you are in a deep league and lost an OF due to some of the injuries this week, he's not the worst option. He seems locked into a starting role for now, but once Kelenic and Rodriguez are up, and Kyle Lewis is healthy, there won't be any room.
  22. I also think there is some risk that he receives extra off days this year because there is no DH. Not a huge thing, but its a factor to consider.
  23. And so has Tarik Skubal. Fulmer starting in the pen.
  24. They announced they don't have a set role yet but plan on deciding on one at some point during the season.
  25. Red Sox said they don't think he will need to start on IL, so sounds very minor.
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