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  1. Barnes and bazemore is so inconsistent and might getting traded with reduce role
  2. I need to get rid of jonas , should I offer Westbrook and Jonas for his griffin and draymond green? Or should I stick on Davis trade straight up? Thanks guy btw I am on the 8th spot out of the 10 teamer
  3. Someone offer me Davis for my Westbrook straight up, is this a good trade for me, I don't know if I need Davis or not due to his health issue, but will improve my fg and to , should I gamble or not? please help ~~ Yahoo League H2H 9 cat 10 team PG: Russell Westbrook, John Wall, Dennis Schroder, D'Angelo Russell SG: Jimmy Butler, Kris Middleton, SF: Nicolas Batum PF: DeMarcus Cousins, Paul Millsap, Willie Cauley-Stein C: Marc Gasol, Al Horford, Jonas Valanciunas,
  4. 10 team 9 cat Hi there, I just accepted the offer in my league, traded my DeRozan, Lavine, Fournier, Kanter for Wall, Middleton, Prince and Marc Gasol. I gonna punt TO and FG%, is the trade even or do I win the trade? PG: Russell Westbrook, Dennis Schroder, D'Angelo Russell SG: Jimmy Butler, Evan Fournier, Zach Lavine SF: Demar DeRozan, Nicolas Batum PF: DeMarcus Cousins, Willie Cauley-Stein C: Al Horford, Jonas Valanciunas, Enes Kanter
  5. Hi there , team 2 in sig, someone offer me Porzingis and hood for my Drummond and Rondo, I want to counter the trade by offer Drummond and Smart for his Porzingis and Reggie Jackson, should I do that or just stay put? I think Porzingis is too inquiry prone and not worth the risk. Thanks,
  6. 12 team h2h 9 cat, Team 2 in sig, don't know who to really drop, I am short of centre and pg position, should I really stay put or drop Favors or Dunn? Hate my team lineup at the moment.
  7. Sorry I forgot update my roster in sig, I already get rid of Crabbe and got Matthews instead.
  8. Team 1 in sig , I offered Howard for Millsap straight up and suprising accepted, I don't want to punt ft, but is this not a fair trade to other team and should be veto? I really like Howard this season but I can't punt FT in this lineup anymore. If this trade got rejected, should I package Jayden brown and Howard 2 for 1 for millsap?
  9. Team 1 in sig for 10 team 9 cat no IR spot, I had blowout loss (1-8) on my first week due to several inquiries on my team, should I drop favors and crabbe for any free agent list below for the long term or just stay put? Should I trade Howard as well?? Thanks guys PG: Russell Westbrook, Dennis Schroder, SG: Jimmy Butler, Evan Fournier, Allen Crabbe SF: Demar DeRozan, Danilo Gallinari, Jaylen Brown PF: DeMarcus Cousins, Derrick Favors C: Dwight Howard, Jonas Valanciunas, Al Horford FA list I Thomas Redick (waiver) Smar
  10. Thanks guys for the advises, dropped Wade for Murray!
  11. Team 2 in sig for 12 team 9 cat no IR spot, I did not do well on my draft pick, and was regret to choose Wade in round 10, someone dropped Jamal Murray, and is in FA pool right now, should I drop Wade for Murray, due to only got Smart and Curry as PG spot or just stay put for now?
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