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  1. In the finals, will try to keep him on IL for now and hoping for one solid game in the weekend.
  2. I stream for the b2b and looks like he’s up for big minutes. Anything to see here? And does his ft% suck lol
  3. Honestly drafted you cause of durability and now this, during 1st rd of playoffs.
  4. Woooow gonna need tillman to go off. Unbelievable
  5. Well atleast Wiz are in the play-in tourn race. Should get heavy usage during fantasy PO.
  6. Maybe coby starts? There’s also temple, valentine even TBJ.
  7. Bout to break the roof with Jamal down, sky’s the limit.
  8. Haha. Just another day at the office for JVal
  9. Maybe he’s not going for the scoring title no more
  10. Did this bum get surgery or something? Now boogie is in town...
  11. Jeez cant believe he might be better than my wcj. Could be worth owning ROS.
  12. Orlando was actually high on him on draft day but for some reason they went Bamba at 6, WCJ went at 7.
  13. Cant trade kuz since he’s making only 3.5m. i still believe he’ll have a mini breakout post trade deadline. They’ll need him with bron out, him kuz and dennis will be the ball handlers. Strong hold here guys.
  14. Odd man out with all the wings healthy now?
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