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  1. With all these red circles and cancelled games. This kid shines bright like a diamond lol. Just singlehandedly won me my matchup. This kid is special.
  2. The Cowboys have 4 defensive starters OUT. What makes you think that?. Just curious?
  3. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/12/24/mike-evans-is-221-receiving-yards-away-from-an-all-time-record-and-his-coach-is-aware-of-it/
  4. Coach us saying now he's gonna be on a "pitch count" and Kittle is now saying don't laugh at him when he's on oxygen on the sidelines. Because he's out of shape and will need it.
  5. I'm not gonna lie. I'm so nervous. I really hope this guy isn't used as a decoy and drops a fat 0. I know I need every point I can get against this juggernaut I'm up against.
  6. Washington is the next man up. He's gonna play Sunday.
  7. Ok we got a slight issue here. CB Chris Harris is back for the Chargers. Gage runs 78% from the slot and will be covered by Chris Harris (85% slot). Harris allows .44 fantasy points per pass route. He's the reason Diggs had just 39 yards a few weeks ago.
  8. This guy intrigues me this week. Both Julio AND Zaccheus out. It's only Ridley and Gage. They had to pull someone from the practice squad today. Gage got 8 targets last game. And that was WITH Julio. LAC has allowed 12 TDs to WRs this season. Ridley will have Hayward on him. Is it just me. Or is this shaping up for a perfect storm for Gage. I feel like THIS is the week to flex him. He's flying under the radar right now.
  9. I'm guessing whoever your against this week in the playoffs has him. So your hoping he reads in here I'm assuming? Lol
  10. I'm too scared to start him in my first round lol
  11. Gus edwards. Mark Ingram didn't practice again today.
  12. They already tried to trade Alshon. No buyers
  13. I picked up both lol. Because I don't wanna be that guy that picks up one and the other explodes on offense. And now I ain't getting him off the wire. That's usually my luck.
  14. He's going against the ONE team that allows the most fantasy points to RBs. This was expected. I'm facing him this week and dreaded this match.
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