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  1. Browns + sloppy weather in Chicago. Do the Bears have any pass rush?
  2. 10-Team: QB: Keenum RB: Gurley RB: Elliott WR: Julio WR: Hopkins TE: Gronk Flex: Kamara K: Prater D: Jags
  3. If Deshaun Watson is ready to go, I don't think he lasts past the second round.
  4. Rodgers, because it’s more likely to be a shootout. Saints can hand off all day.
  5. Yeah, I was leaning Gordon. Ben just threw for 500 yards against Ravens, and why wouldn’t Browns wanna show off their stud to division rival...
  6. I have the higher projection and just want the safe points. Might take the path of least resistance and sit Hopkins for Flash Gordon, or even Goodwin. Third-string QB, Jalen Ramsey, toe injury DNP...seems risky. Wanna talk me out of it?
  7. In my case, it mattered. I have an IR slot, so I needed to drop a player to put him on my roster. Fortunately, he stayed on IR, so I’ve been able to hold Alfred Morris till the last minute so no one else can pick him up.
  8. Does anyone know when we have to move him out of the IR slot?
  9. He can blow up in one of YOUR lineups. You wanna risk a floor of 1.8 in the playoffs?
  10. He has 20 points ... in the last THREE GAMES COMBINED. He does not throw the ball where it can be caught by receivers.
  11. I have that NFL Fantasy Live show on in the background and dude just literally said "You can wait a couple weeks to pick up Rodgers." Good luck with that ...
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