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  1. It is. Because soon enough you'll be looking to pick up one of these other guys.
  2. Lifelong Yankee fan and hate anything Boston, but even i agree , this kid is going to be a monster and I've stashed him in every dynasty league I could since last year.
  3. Buy low. Owners are obviously frustrated.
  4. Anyone have any insight into the inner workings of the Pacers that can explain why they're giving this guy goose eggs in the minute column? I mean, I assume he's healthy. He was a first round draft pick, and when he's been given minutes ,he's looked pretty good. Why isn't he at least getting 18-22 minutes per night ,backing up Turner/Sabonis?
  5. In before "independent fact checkers" come to the forums.
  6. Couldn't this be said about every single player?
  7. This guy would miss 3 games if a butterfly landed on his shoulder.
  8. In leagues that count 3PTM while coming off the bench, Bertans>>> Holmes
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