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  1. In before "independent fact checkers" come to the forums.
  2. Couldn't this be said about every single player?
  3. This guy would miss 3 games if a butterfly landed on his shoulder.
  4. In leagues that count 3PTM while coming off the bench, Bertans>>> Holmes
  5. Isn't the Wolves draft pick next year that they traded top-3 protected? If so, they arent going to play someone that contributes to winning.
  6. Spoken by an expert, so this must be legit. After all, the guy dominates his rec league, playing against 42 year old optometrists.
  7. Somebody explain this to me in words that I can understand.
  8. Couldn't this be said about pairing Simmons with anybody?
  9. I'm actually looking forward to Marcus Smart playing at 5:00 EST so he can bring my FG% back up.
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