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  1. That’s a damn nice line 3 threes, 20, 5, 9, 3, 2, 0 tos
  2. He’s on a minutes limit from his hip injury, relax.
  3. I won’t outright drop but 9 for 33, 8 ppg over his last 3 is pretty annoying
  4. Meanwhile, there are 4 people standing behind the dude taking the picture ready to eat chicken nuggets
  5. If he tested positive, the game would stop. They prob got inconclusive results in his tracing from prior to the game that was deemed clear
  6. That's cool that you dropped him man, but no need to laugh your a** off at someone getting hurt. Guys are getting hurt left and right all over the league. It kinda sounds like you're here to make yourself feel good about dropping him, doesn't really help.
  7. ROS I think he has ups and downs based on minutes mostly and will finish top 100, which really isn't bad. He's still a guy with good %s, low TOs, some blocks and out of position 3s. I'd bet his rebs creep up some too.
  8. Very true but WAS is a very desperate team with a former MVP and a potential future MVP (the two who scored the 6 points). The wizards haven't exactly had a smooth road to chemistry and they're bound to win some sooner rather than later. Any team can win on any given night and losing to Beal and Westbrook when you're missing Harden isn't the end of the world. Personally I'll give a team 20 games to figure things out when you're bringing together 3 guys like Harden, Durant and Irving. Something tells me positive things are on the horizon for them, but we'll see.
  9. It looks bad now losing to the Wizards but I think this team will be alright. These things take time, and imo they'll be pretty elite by season's end. Top 3 team, then who knows in the playoffs. Edit: top 3 in the east
  10. Yeah, well, he needs to realize that generally Friday nights are a pretty big deal in a lot of peoples' matchups. smh
  11. Does it seem a little weird this isn't a b2b and he rested a week ago? This an OKC dodge? I hope he's not hurt
  12. Just for info., he did only have 2 pts, 1 reb, 1 ast in OT
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