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  1. Is something wrong with him? Hell of a time to disappear b2b games during playoffs.
  2. His minutes are steadily going up each game so I think they care more about getting him in shape than it being a blowout. He looked damn good out there, everything looked pretty effortless as usual. Hopefully he plays tomorrow, but all that was said during the game was that they didn't know yet if he would and it was a see how things feel in the morning.
  3. Warmin up in time for the playoffs. What a beast line
  4. Huh? I watched it live and I just watched it again and I didn't hear him say that. He said Rob is going to get less scoring opportunities when he's starting because he's playing against the best players. Then he said that Rob is certainly a threat at the rim and 'he's clearly our best big that's here now' and needs to learn to get his starters open shots and did a good job of that tonight. When does he say he's more comfortable coming off the bench?
  5. Shrug, stayin outta the tax as long as they can before they start repeater. They weren't keeping him anyway Theis got owned by Bam last year anyway so what's the point?
  6. No he isn't but they don't really have a choice at this point when it comes to a big body to throw on bigs in the playoffs
  7. Stevens doesn't "hate" him. They're doing their due diligence to try and get another big body for the playoffs in going after Drummond. They'd have almost nobody to guard elite bigs if Williams is in foul trouble or gets hurt again. As they stated all along, they were nursing Rob's minutes early season coming off of another injury, and they increased his minutes lately like they said they would. Even if they do get Drummond, I'd bet Williams still gets 22+ minutes
  8. Anyone know why he played less than 5 min tonight?
  9. I would personally. Depends on your standings but they're obv just saving him for late season to be ultra safe and he'll come back and blow up just like he did earlier in the season
  10. Drafted him in all 3 leagues, still have in 2 and used him in a trade for Durant in the 3rd. Never thought of dropping once, I remember the beast lines a few years back, and it was obvious last year was a throw away year. I gotta say I was more thinking stls and blks with solid asts. I didn’t anticipate avging near double digit asts and dropping fkn 19 at a time. What a difference maker
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