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  1. Ended up with a punt FG build, however looks like I might punt rebounds as well here. Opinions welcomed, and I am willing to help as well. Harden / D. Murray / Rozier / E. Payton Lowry / Seth Curry / Shake Milton PG / H. Barnes Siakam / Draymond / Roco M. Turner / Brolo 12 team, h2h, 9 cat, punt fg and possibly rebounds as well.
  2. I doubt the owner will take Wiggins lol. If you can, definitely do it. I predict JJJ to turn it up further post asb. If he can average around 15pts 6 reb, with his consistent stocks (could be close to 4 stocks PER GAME - insane), along with his good efficiency and a 3pt shot, this kids the steal of the draft no question.
  3. JJJ TAKE US HOME!!! BRING US THE FANTASY CHAMPIONSHIP!!! But man, if he can give us close to 4 stocks a game consistently, that is lovely.
  4. With Gasol potentially out as well, i expect him to continue to strive. Averaging 15 points / 7 rebounds / 1.5 assists / 1.5 steals / 1.5 blocks. Great efficiency as well. If he can bring up his points and reb a bit to around 16 / 8 / 1.5 / 1.5 / 1.5 while shooting 80% from ft, that would be amazing. JJJ TAKE US HOME!
  5. Only thing I can say is.. JJJ TAKE US TO THE PROMISE LAND! If this dude puts up even remotely close to his efficiency with a block and a steal, he is the steal of the draft no question. Reminds me of a rookie AD in terms of production. He's shooting 80% from the ft line (shooting 7.5 attempts so far), and 55% from the field. Tonight will be the biggest test yet against Utah. If he puts up another nice stat line, you better hope you get him while he's still cheap.
  6. For those of you who took a slight risk and drafted him in the 4th/5th round, congratulations. You basically got a free Paul George in the 4/5th rd, as long as he stays healthy.
  7. I need to see your team, but carroll is easily #1. 2nd depends on your team.
  8. I would absolutely stay put. how the hell did you get all of them in a 10 league? If you dont win this league, idk what else to say lol
  9. Long story short, I am in 3rd place who owns JJ Reddicks. Imo I can hold onto him, however I do want to get that 2nd place to get a buy in the first round of playoffs. Should I risk dropping him for a week or 2 with someone else then pick him up later? Or should I just hold onto him? its a 10 team h2h 9cat league.
  10. Who woulda thought? Im planning to pick him up. Should I drop any of the following? Rondo Will Barton Avery Bradley Lowkey all 3 have been pretty good. I am in a PUNT fg% build so all 4 are great. WHIR!
  11. you essentially have a putn ft team, id do the trade for drummond. He fits your team better than klove.
  12. Greetings! My team went from dead last, to being 2nd place in 5 weeks. HOWEVER, I just hit an injury bug, I have kristaps, curry, ibaka, and now lopez. Hopefully kristaps and curry come back soon, however lopez is out for 3 weeks. MY QUESTION: Should I drop Lopez? I would prefer to be in top 2 place to get the buy during playoffs, so Im thinking of dropping him. I actually like BroLo since he gives ms out of position 3's and good blocks. IF I do drop him, who do you guys recommend I pick up? I am in a h2h 9cat 10 team. I am PUNTING FG%. So guys like oubre, rivers, are great. I would like to ideally get more steals, blocks, and out of position 3's if possible. I do have Ibaka and Kristaps for that so its not a total loss. WW: Larry Nance Jr Justin Holiday Bobby Portis ETwaun Moore John Henson Kelly Oubre Austin Rivers Ersan Ilyasova Bam Adebayo WHIR!!!
  13. I would pick him up and drop collins. Then try to trade for a big man that can get you some more boards, or even doing a punt reb build.
  14. 10 Team H2H 9cat - Punting FG% Help me get Khris Middleton! Pick 2 of the following I should trade for him. Also, after I do the trade, which player should I pick up to get more REBOUNDS? Trade pieces: Tyreke Evans Joe Ingles Rondo Will Barton RHJ Im thinking of trading will barton and rhj for his middleton. Maybe Tyreke if he says no, he really likes rhj. Then I can pick up a rebounder from the ww: John Henson Tyson Chandler Larry Nance Jr
  15. Its not bad. Your anchors are obviously kristaps, AD, and turner. Your solid on bigs. If possible, I would try to do a 2 for 1 trade and get someone like RoCo, Otto Porter, or even evan fornier. Try Lou Williams and carrol for someone like fornier. Even KCP is a trade piece IMO. Then try a jaylen brown for jayson tatum swap whoever owns tatum.
  16. for #2 waiver? helll no. 12 team you should be able to find better. Whats your ww look like?
  17. My friend wants to get rid of his middleton for 2 other decent players. My team is followed and is a PUNT FG% team. Russel Westbrook, Kyle Lowry, Rondo Steph Curry, JJ Reddick, Bazemore Tyreke Evans, Joe Ingles, Will Barton Kristaps Porzingis, RHJ BroLo, Ibaka I like how my team is setup, as I have essentially 4 guys that are considered a 1st rounder when punting fg%. I would like to keep my bigs as they give me the blocks, and they give me out of position 3ptm and ft%. Which 2 players should I trade to get him? I am thinking of trading RHJ and either barton, evans, or rondo for middleton. Which combination should I try first?
  18. Agreed stay put. I just noticed that Gobert is out for almost a month as well.
  19. Lets say either trade works. Say Reddick, RHJ, +1 For Klay vs Bazemore, Ingles, Barton for Gobert and Thadeous young. Klay would improve everything except reb. Gobert and young would improve everything except steals. I'm really 50/50 on this. Plus pairing up klay with steph and draymond along with porzingis would be amazing.
  20. When judging lower tier players, I always try to find consistency when its already close to 20 games into the season. For that reason, I still like Bogdan.
  21. Honestly, this is tough. Whats on the wire? Without knowing that however, Id take Blake. He's going to continue producing elite stats, while Conley might be underperforming this year, especially the fact that Tyreke seems to be the man of the team now.
  22. I know it sounds crazy, but I think for the future, Embiid will be healthy. It's a moderate risk, but the reward is what makes you a champion. I'd hold onto Embiid. What he and Simmons has going on together, is truly special. They are the next big thing.
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