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  1. dumb@ss refs took away an offensive rebound, dunk, and the fg% from Whiteside on a good tip in.
  2. My fault for picking him up the other day, sorry for infecting another player with the soreankavirus
  3. 2 weeks away for me. Got 3 IL spots filled with KAT, Capela, Simmons, and all of a sudden Lavine goes on IL, and my Ayton just went down too. Too f*cking much
  4. Deandre f*cking Ayton 4 turnovers in 1st half. FOREVER a rookie smh
  5. After a disaster of a game, he is now holding his upper leg.
  6. 3 IL spots are not even enough for 2020 NBA. Capela, KAT, Otto all been taking up the damn spots and what happens today, Ben Simmons goes on IL. Write off of a season, can't wait to lose first round (unless more guys drop like flies and I don't even make playoffs)
  7. For Charminizing the league (Or allowing it to become this way without changing sh*t)
  8. ben simmons not playing again after a few minutes played, after missing the last. Conley, Simmons, Elfrid all missing games immediately after the 10 day break from all-star weekend. FUH Q ADAM SILVER!
  9. Wondered why I went down again in another category. Check to see why my turnovers shot up like a rocket, Ayton has FIVE in the first half!!! Wtf wrong with this guy??
  10. Ben Simmons is scared of playing aggressive when Embiid plays.
  11. Towns looks weak out there. No energy. Something seems way off compared to how he played the first few games (before Embiid scuffle) He looked like he was going to be MVP the first few games of the season.
  12. He started for so long in Memphis, so the bench + new system seemed to affect him negatively. They finally started him, and the results were showing. That previous missed game must have been the final straw for a lot of ppl that picked him up just before returning from injury. (To drop, if fighting in a close playoff race etc)
  13. So much for Capela, Whiteside, Gallinari, Lavine etc etc etc playing even close to how they did a few weeks/months ago. Entire team is one big sh*t show all at the same time!
  14. Unreal how much the Jazz are almost trying to avoid getting him going. I just saw Mitchell in midair see/facing an open Conley, and he tried double clutching and passed it to the defender in front of him instead.
  15. KAT is too soft. Wiggins does whatever he wants.
  16. I'm switching to the jazz game. 25 point second half incoming for Zach?
  17. Anybody else ever notice players that don't know how to play basketball if/when you watch them play? Zach almost always seems to be that way when I watch a Bulls game (luckily haven't watched his games too much this season) Hit bottom of rim on an open reverse layup, air ball 3. SMDH
  18. He isn't doing much of anything (except missing a lot of shots)
  19. Demand a trade, and circle your rematch date. He averaged 25.75 points, 5.75 assists, 4.75 rebounds, and 1.5 steals against the Jazz last season.
  20. Maybe it'll cause you to win the chip (if my comment causes him to continue playing well) You're welcome.
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