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  1. yahoo link is not working for people who are not a member of the league. it's fine for you cuz you signed in and you got the league. lol
  2. I'm interested in the league. my rating is currently 982 and got some experience. please email me some details such as # of keepers, minor roster, etc. email: guyhaha82@yahoo.com
  3. how many teams are in the league? If it's 14+ team league, I will have interest. guyhaha82@yahoo.com
  4. I'm interested in taking the team over. my level is currently diamond and rating is 982. guyhaha82@yahoo.com
  5. https://twitter.com/BaseballQuotes1/status/1234604847166521347 This guy is....😂😂😂😂😂😂
  6. I cannot believe Clarke is in WW. I would drop Fournier or Powell for Clarke immediately.
  7. OGod is monster.. 12 pts / 2 3ptm / 8 rb / 2 ast / 5 stl / 2 blk / no TO.. Looks like 14-15 season Kawhi stats..
  8. Seems like you are newbie.. Can you explain about 2018-19 season?? same team situation, but played 82 games and chosen all-star. Think before you speak.
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