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  1. Thoughts on streaming Saints (vs. Eagles) or Texans (vs. Redskins)?
  2. Welp I'm out. Should have gone with Goff. This one hurts--might be the strongest team I've had on paper....
  3. Oakland sucks. With Kamara's injury, Ingram's mediocrity this past week, and Lynch's no show, there goes my season. What a frustrating end.
  4. Oakland needs to start doing something or I'm toast....
  5. Broncos have been giving up the 9th most points to QBs over the last 4 weeks, and McCown is on fire
  6. Regretting not blocking my opponent from getting this guy. I think he has a good chance to go off.
  7. Thoughts on him next week against the Eagles, in the playoffs? My initial thinking is Goff is great, but he isn't Russell Wilson, and the Eagles are going to come out hungry. Leaning towards McCown over him next week...
  8. what do folks make of him ROS and for the playoffs? Hoping he'll get on track the next couple weeks with Colts and then a weakened Seattle D.
  9. thoughts on Seattle D ROS? Tough matchups right in the playoffs, especially considering injuries. 12: SF 13: JAX 14: PHI 15: LAR 16: DAL
  10. 1 point sadly. Oh well at least they made it close. Praying for corrections.
  11. Was down by 20 (other team was done) and had Julio, Baldwin, and Seattle defense still left. Going to lose now. There goes my shot at the #1 seed, GAH
  12. Yeah I like Matthews ROS--Hurns or Shepard tomorrow. Would not be suprised if Hurns had a big game with Lee possibly out
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