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  1. How do they own the tiebreaker against KC when Baltimore lost to them?
  2. Schefter is saying he is unlikely to play.
  3. Who would be the next man up? I have been handcuffing all season with Mattison.
  4. For sure go with Jones. Watkins has had that one big week and really hasn't done much else. I know he gets targets but doesn't seem like it translates to fantasy points. Jacksonville is also 25th against running backs for fantasy in .5 point scoring. Thanks for the help on mine.
  5. Who should I put in my line up for this week in .5 point scoring? Chris Carson vs Minnesota Johnathan Williams vs Tennessee I worry about Carson in the match up plus the fumble problems. I know Carroll still has his back but still feel uneasy. He has been great for me most of the season. I know that the Titans have been pretty good against running backs but it is hard to ignore Williams past two games. Thanks and please leave links.
  6. Who is everyone's favorite streamer for week 16? I was liking Denver against Detroit but now I am not so sure with the qb situation going on with the Broncos.
  7. The more carries you give a running back the better they will do in general. I think people are overreacting a bit over one game. How about we see what happens next week before we go and say that Penny stole the job. Carson has been having a pretty good year himself I would say despite the fumbles. Let it play out.
  8. Does anybody like the Bills for weeks 15 and 16? Week 15 they have Pittsburgh and who know who will be starting at QB. Week 16 they have New England but they haven't been playing well on offense. I would just be worried abou the New England defense forcing good field position. There is also Denver vs Detroit in week 16 and if Stafford is out that could be a good play. I currently have the Eagles and Bills but a lot can happen.
  9. I would go with Hollister. I feel like Wilson targets are a lot more valuable than Goff targets. This is pretty close but I lean Hollister. Thanks for the help with mine.
  10. I hear you there. I offered to undo it because there was some uproar but the other team was adament about keeping the trade in place.
  11. I like Griffin better due to the match up. I agree with there being more mouths to feed in Seattle. This is a close one but I still prefer Griffin.
  12. I would go with Winston as well. He has actually been putting up some good numbers despite the turnovers. Atlanta has been a better defense lately but I still think Winston will be throwing a lot. Hopefully he will take care of the ball better it would help out a lot.
  13. I believe he belongs on there ROS. I do not know the rest of your roster but I would just leave him on the waivers.
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