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  1. was able to sneak him on my IL right before Yahoo removed the INJ tag, more of a inside joke in my league honestly,.. but I don't know how to feel at the moment. Joke on me ? i'm confused
  2. WOW..brave soul, I have Delon but no way am i dropping him. Check this out though soo i want to drop Brandon Clarke for him but i can't because Larry Nance is on my IL but no longer eligible. My plan was to drop Noel tomorrow and bring Nance off the IL. I could drop Brandon Clarke and Nance and pick up Moses ? Doing tooo much ? or worth it, what do you guys think. I KNEW i should have dropped Noel prior to start of games, so mad right now
  3. LOL, same here, I'm dropping Noel at 3. I keep refreshing my league page praying no one picks him up
  4. I'm curios as to all us owners .. what was your strategy when you drafted JJJ (or any other IR player) I personally took a chance on him and Kemba 10th and 12th round but once I add them to my IL spots I no longer count them as part of my squad, if they return at any point of the season then that's awesome news more firepower for me and all the advantages of having a stacked squad but I always go about building my squad to ensure I don't have to depend/rely on those IR players. Late rounds of the draft have always been the most important to me, I feel every season that's where I earn my w
  5. i was able to weasel my way into getting rid of Jamal nutshot Murray for Porzingis about 3 weeks ago, couldn't be happier with the move
  6. 6 blocks tonight from the Lord and 5 from Boucher...
  7. ugh, luka and porzingis owner....and rozier, delon and derrick white. I'm just gonna go ahead and take the L already
  8. he went undrafted in my league 10team which i still don't understand how.. but i was able to scoop him up right after that 1st game when he put up 42 point, couldn't be more happier
  9. just dropped Lamb for Noel..don't let me regret this
  10. Or am i just rock hard for this stud..hmmmm 🤔
  11. Bruhhhh,, that Kobe pic 😂🤣 Im still holding..no way im dropping him and mind you im also dealing with covington boucher and kemba on my roster.
  12. In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary... come again?
  13. Well what do you expect to happen when you bring negativity in a thread dedicated to Chris Boucher and his owners .....
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