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  1. Yeah, do it, honestly I think both of them won't have much od fantasy value this season, but for KAT it's worth to risk it
  2. Pick up divincenzo, after that Svi is ok, but both are miles ahead of Reggie
  3. Dončić unless you're really really desperate for depth, but even then it's Dončić
  4. KPJ is better, barring a Drummond trade he will continue to be better
  5. I would drop house, but all 4 are very close in terms of value.
  6. I would keep Sato, especially if you have to burn a waiver to get Fultz. Sato has a higher floor and should be more constant
  7. I would go for it, Rubio has always been better the 2nd half of the season and I expect him to beast up. As for the other deal I'm not sure but if you need blocks it could be good for you
  8. Hello guys After rejecting this trade a week ago, je offered me this once again, but I'm a little hesitant this tame. I'm thinking about just trading Dame for Harden, Gobert is a bit too much, no? Whir always
  9. Go for it, I don't trust Beal not to get shut down and the bearded one is number 1 player
  10. Thank you all, unfortunately I think it got to his head that it's not a good trade for him so he is reconsidering 😕
  11. I mean he offered that trade to me, that's why I was sceptical Thanks
  12. If you are willing to take a gamble you could drop Grant as his role will be smaller once the injurd Nuggets return. But the thing is no one knows when they will return and I'm not very high on Ariza myslef so I would stay put for now
  13. Drop Nance for Napier if you are not starving for a centre, he should be quite bitter than Nance unless Love is traded
  14. It's a toss up between OG and Culver for me as well. Juste depends which stats are you after Also in certain punts Noel could also be dropped.
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