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  1. Yeah I'm firing him up this week as well. Don't like Watson's matchup with Steelers.
  2. Was so obvious, just those who drafted Ronald Jones didn't want to believe.
  3. You guys firing him up week 1? Can't decide still..
  4. Damn looking at your team, you must've heavily invested on RoJo as your RB2. At least you have Dobbins to takeover for you.
  5. Agreed 110%. Salty Rojo owners are heated right now with this signing.
  6. He will absolutely get touches. But what has he done with the opportunities from last year? Peyton Barber was the lead back for majority of the season. Again, RoJo will be a good handcuff in my opinion. I owned him last year and he's shown flashes but Arians don't trust him. Otherwise they'd roll with their current RBs.
  7. Doubt its a committee. RoJo is a good handcuff though.
  8. Feel good about it. Rojo did nothing with the opportunity he had. Lenny about to eat!
  9. I hope he can continue starting even when Brogdon is back.
  10. Scooped him up....hoping for the best. But he's been solid past few games with stocks.
  11. Streaming him, I hope he plays more next to LMA. Its a damn shame Derozan can't space the floor... him and LMA just provides 0 spacing for Poetl be able to get more minutes.
  12. Heating up again..? He should start over Robinson.. no?
  13. Yeah I just scooped. Fk it, sucks that they only play 2 games this week.
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