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  1. Coby but i'd probably hate it, equal chance he puts up a 30 points on 15/16 or goes 1/20 with 5 turnovers tomorrow. Theis may also be worth keeping an eye on due to the usage vacuum.
  2. A bit concerning that he's being ruled out a day in advance, and the Hornets are in a battle for a "not playing in the play-in tournament" seed with significant injuries already. No idea on the severity of this sort of injury (left quad contusion), or what to think of the fact that he did not get the injury during last nights game, at least what was televised. If he's able to make it back by next Tuesday he has one of the strongest streaming schedules for a week 1 playoff. If either in good shape this week or have locked up a spot I would hang on, but if you're fighting for a playoff sp
  3. Mason Plumlee who I literally got last in my entire draft. Gotta know when to cut ties with his fantasy playoff outlook not looking good, but can't do much better than a mid-round player for a last pick.
  4. I swear this guy needs someone around him to make sure he isn't licking doorknobs, at least make it to tonight's game resisting the metallic fetish.
  5. Doubtful for tomorrow, they should not be cowards and just rule him out so he gets INJ. Or just put him on permanent "I like to mess with my owners this season" INJ reserve. I mean even Blake and Westbrook have played at least a B2B this season. This guy also should have just stayed in Indiana cause I feel their schedule was only moderately less congested with B2Bs than Houston.
  6. This guy must have sensed me hovering over the "drop" button during halftime. His overall production clearly indicates the guy should be on the wire in 12 team 9-cat. Yet this respectable performance somehow gives me some hesitation. Anyone else on this drug whatever it is?
  7. He can join the club of Mo Wagner for guys who their coaches hate, start in name only, never close games, and may just play enough minutes in the early quarters to put up borderline rosterable value, or crater to 0-0-0-0-0 if they make a single turnover 5 minutes in.
  8. Pop started playing him more consistently once he got word LMA might not be back for a while
  9. Unfortunately don't think Poeltl is going to put up rosterable value if Aldridge gets back and he doesn't start. Until that happens though he'll stay on my roster for almost single handedly carrying my blocks category.
  10. This just turned into the plot of He Got Game. We are all Jesus Shuttlesworth and the deal is winning the fantasy championship.
  11. I mean my team is already in the gutter for FT% anyway. I'm more interested if he can put up 1-2 threes on decent percentages, a block and steal per game, and more importantly a consistent 6th man role as a floor.
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