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  1. What are we expecting from this guy? Played last night.
  2. Yeah, the trend is down here. PJ Washington is playing more at center the last few games and it looks like it may stick. Zeller is hard to justify keeping after 4 games of the same stuff. Even knowing that, I'm holding for 1 more game and then dropping if it's the same trend.
  3. Hey, We recently had an owner leave mid-season without an explanation or e-mail. I am currently changing the lineup on a daily/weekly basis without adding/dropping/trading in order to keep the team from falling too far behind. They are currently ranked 9th (35-44) out of 12th in the year (6th place is 41-39), so they are not completely out of the running just yet. We are looking for someone to take this team and keep it for at least a year or two. It is a 5 keeper league, though the keepers are optional (move up in the draft if you opt not to keep at least 5). Here are
  4. This won't be his year with all the depth at his position, but he's a good stream while these blokes are out.
  5. Good luck with that. In two of my leagues owners are shopping this guy for pennies, trying desperately to get something. Time will tell, I suppose.
  6. Yeah... not sure about comment. Don't do this deal, mate. Curry is top-10 (#6 presently). I wouldn't trade him for anything less than 2 top-20 guys. You just won't get your value back.
  7. Yes... Theis is #130 right now and Bagley is #253. Bagley kills you in so many areas and Theis doesn't.
  8. Holmes got into foul trouble early and Walton ran Bagley a bit more than he usually does. Whiteside only played 7 minutes. Bagley is not a 12-team guy right now. He's ranked like 240+.
  9. I'd just hate to lose someone like KD without return value. I'd probably just stick with him honestly and try to improve via stream.
  10. Just acquired this guy in a trade. Let's go!
  11. Boucher and Trent aren't projected ROS very well. Boucher could end up being something special, but so much depends if Nurse is ever going to trust him enough to get him back to where he was 2 weeks ago. Trent is short-term. KD right now is ranked top-5. Ayton is barely inside the top-70, Hayward is top-30, and Middleton is top-30. You're either trading high on KD or trusting he's going to continue what he's been doing (I think he will by the way). If I'm trading a top-5 guy I want 2 top-20 guys. I might accept 1 top-20 guy and 1 top-30 guy for KD, if the top-30 had a little upside to potentia
  12. KD, for sure. If you're the one with KD, you can get more.
  13. Oh, definitely, if you can get the value that is. He's probably top-80 or 90 at the end of the season, but if you can get a top-40 or 50 guy, I'd do it. If not, just ride it out and enjoy.
  14. Yeah, mate. Covington has never helped FG%. To be fair though, he doesn't take a lot of attempts. It's easy to counteract.
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