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  1. Tentative hold, no doubt, if you can afford it. I know many leagues are getting close to playoffs, so if you're scraping by it's understandable to drop, but if you can hold out I think he ends up playing longer down the stretch (he's closed the last two games).
  2. They were kind of getting blown out, so it doesn't surprise me that his minutes are down. Bulls are just a better team with him starting than they are with Coby White.
  3. With Wright gone now, DSJ could have some value. Don't expect the world, but backend value is a possibility.
  4. Yup, you're right, though both of those experiences were 2 years ago; well, Minnesota 1, I suppose. . He just doesn't look the same to me when I watch him. Maybe he's found his groove and will continue, but my expectations are low, and if someone makes me an offer for a top-50/60 guy I'm probably taking.
  5. Oh, I am, buddy. Nothing would please me more than RoCo staying a top 50 guy, as a trade will not happen in my league (too many folks weary of him) so I'll be riding it out ROS. But... if I was offered, say, someone like Haliburton, I'd take it and run, but the dynamics of my league are a bit different so value is assessed differently. You're not wrong, except that Kanter is not as much of a defensive presence as Nurk is. Trust me, I hope my instinct is wrong. Hopefully, RoCo can continue this trend -- nothing would please me more -- but contributing to winning does not always
  6. You must not have watched the first part of the season when they were terrible together. Blocks will take a hit for Covington with Nurk clogging the lane, meaning his value will naturally decrease. He'll still be a top-90 guy, but he won't maintain the current value he has. Thus, a sell-high if you can get it. If not, ride it out, it's fine. Just hope he doesn't go back to be being ranked outside the top 100 for 4 weeks, which is what he was for that month with Nurkic.
  7. Dude has been a drop for a couple of games now honestly. Things have been trending down and Mitch is close to returning. His spot is more valuable as a streaming spot.
  8. A possible sell-high with Nurkic close to returning. I say that begrudgingly as a huge Covington fan.
  9. Bingo. Lowry would have to be shipped out for them to consider trading for Rubio. As of right now though, there are no certainties, which make owning Rubio all the more difficult, especially with D'Lo nearing a return.
  10. Just rumors... Raptors, Clippers, possibly Celtics. Nothing concrete. The Raptors and Clippers have been quietly discussing things behind the scenes (so the experts say). Out of those scenarios, I think the Raptors offer the best landing spot fantasy wise -- the Clippers offer a possible championship though.
  11. What are we expecting from this guy? Played last night.
  12. Yeah, the trend is down here. PJ Washington is playing more at center the last few games and it looks like it may stick. Zeller is hard to justify keeping after 4 games of the same stuff. Even knowing that, I'm holding for 1 more game and then dropping if it's the same trend.
  13. Hey, We recently had an owner leave mid-season without an explanation or e-mail. I am currently changing the lineup on a daily/weekly basis without adding/dropping/trading in order to keep the team from falling too far behind. They are currently ranked 9th (35-44) out of 12th in the year (6th place is 41-39), so they are not completely out of the running just yet. We are looking for someone to take this team and keep it for at least a year or two. It is a 5 keeper league, though the keepers are optional (move up in the draft if you opt not to keep at least 5). Here are
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