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  1. Damn... Sell sell sell. More than likely he gets shutdown now, and Cavs already have like 6 more back to back games scheduled till end of season which he'll more than likely be load managed
  2. Beast Mode!!! He's gonna be a stud till all Star break!! Top 50 for 2 weeks!
  3. Punt assists then definitely keep Kyrie and spellman. Morant is just a horrible trade target for your needs since he doesn't get very many 3s for a pg
  4. Spellman has some nice upside and the one to own. But really just a toss up. Both will have some great games just think sekou as a rookie will be a bit more inconsistent.
  5. Yup drop looney for gasol... But don't expect anything near last year's stats. He's serviceable.
  6. Conley all the way!!!! He's a roto beast!!
  7. Depends how deep your league is but probably no. He's getting old
  8. McHugh is looking pretty amazing so far! Loving the K/9 upside, the ratios are solid, and he'll be locked in for wins once that offense starts rolling. Buying all the shares I can get on him.
  9. All the talent, and all those Ks.. but damn my ratios. . Sadly he's a drop... Just too many other pitchers doing well.
  10. Damnit... that KC bullpen is really a dumpster fire.. and what about that orioles pen?! everyone BUT givens has gotten a save! lol.
  11. That was brutal... But really what happened to the velocity???
  12. Kennedy has the best chance to run with it... Rogers is a lefty so he'll likely always be part of a committee
  13. Threw in a waiver bid... Who knows but better to own and ask questions later. Former number 1 pick, labelled a bust, maybe turns it around on his new team?? He did just Homer twice off Chris sale...
  14. I think people are maybe missing the point... so I'll highlight it here.. the reason for my comp between Flaherty and Strahm outside of the stats and pitching is first and foremost: Flaherty is going for $20 in mixed 12 team auctions (or 65th pick) vs. Strahm going for $1-2 (or 235th pick)... this is why Strahm is so intriguing! If you had the choice between Flaherty vs Strahm for the SAME PRICE... then Flaherty is the obvious safer pick.
  15. No way to know, but they will be for sure watching his pitch counts. Dodgers have like 8 starting caliber pitchers but half of them will all see injury time which gives urias plenty of spot starts throughout the season. I think you could bank on about 105ip.. anything more would be gravy. Probably maxed at 130ip if Dodgers let him. Perfect for the daily leagues, not so great for weekly. But those ratios and Ks are going to be so sweet.
  16. He's so hot!! He's basically a cheaper Jack flaherty!!! Pick this man up!! The only reason his value was depressed was he was never confirmed as a starter until this week and most draft guides made earlier and had strahm with like only 100ip. Comp: Flaherty 12W 180k in 160ip, 3.60 ERA 1.21 WHIP 10k/9 Strahm 12W 170k in 150ip, 3.65 ERA 1.22 WHIP 10k/9
  17. 200k, in 180IP, with an ERA of 3.85 and a WHIP of 1.24. Wins hard to predict but I'm saying 14 since he's on a greatly improved Philly team both offensively and defensively!
  18. Wow.. just wow. Most improved player of the year?? He's really shining in this Laker lineup.
  19. Grandall. He's slotted 3rd or 4th in the lineup so he's primed for more RBIs and Runs from that spot
  20. Pirates probably go committee. Feliz has been the 8th inning guy but has been awful tho.. Rodriguez is more likely the fireman guy in the middle innings. So that leaves Santana as a possible closer given his solid ratios and late innings appearances.
  21. Anyone have any idea what he'd project as if he had a full season ?
  22. Brad's locked in for sure. No need to worry. Just manager misused him that's all by extending him over 40 pitches without having a backup warmed-up.
  23. Drop Morrison. Take the hot bat in Ohtani
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