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  1. Clarke is balling out but griffin is the option 1B on that Detroit offense. I feel long term Griffin but if you need help now Clarke
  2. Hey thanks for your help earlier. I know your end of the bench feels underwhelming at this point but the main thing is that they’re getting minutes and at this point it’s just about opportunity if Conley or Mitchell go down run for ingles but otherwise stay put
  3. Hey thanks for your help earlier. I would drop ROCO, I think he’s fantasy days of gold aren’t coming back anymore. He might have shades of himself but it’s just for one game then it’ll be back to mediocre
  4. Thanks for the response! Lol yes I agree Bledsoe is trash, I’m thinking maybe I can get someone at least streamable like his olynyk to seal the deal...with Bledsoe you’re stuck lol. Can’t drop can’t own hahaha
  5. Haha welcome to fantasy basketball! You’re going to get addicted. Thanks for the response and please don’t underestimate your input. I remember when I was new, other owners would tell me that I offered insight that they completely didn’t see, and in this case I 100% agree that the rockets will come out swinging, meaning Oladipo is gonna rock out. The thing I think that’s going for Ayton is even though he is a team player he’s limiting the ceiling of the team. You would think CP3 would tell him the team needs the best version of him, (meaning Bea sting on boards with efficient %s and
  6. This is tough. You need Hali though... i think Bledsoe. Lonzo gives you ast/3s triple double potential, Bledsoe is just a chucker who’s stocks are matched by lonzo Help below please? Thanks in advance
  7. Yeah pull it. You’re getting more value and Shai and Ja are in same situation (franchise player) Could use some help below thanks!
  8. Take it and run. Wood gonna be a top 15-20 now that harden is gone. FVV is top 30 imo and Keldon/Lamarcus are gonna interchange decent games between the two depending on Popovich and game flow. mind helping me out? Thanks in advance
  9. Yes I think so. Cavs do not look like they’re tanking at this point, I feel they’re trying to make the playoffs. They’re gonna need Love if they want to make it Mind helping me out? Thanks in advance!
  10. The only reason this trade should even go through, is if you’re banking on AD getting hurt and missing half the season. you have every right to veto, it’s an option offered to owners, and in this specific case I would if I had my vote I do stand by a previous poster, if the trade ends up going through, you gotta live with it. If majority vetos then majority veto’s, you also have to live with it. mind helping me out ? Thanks
  11. I was offered Ayton/Bledsoe for Oladipo/Wiseman/Kemba. 9Cat h2h, which side would you choose? I’m having a tough time analyzing Oladipo’s value after the harden trade, but he is on a contract year... I am also still a believer in Ayton so I feel I’m buying low on him. Something doesn’t sound right about Kembas knees, and wiseman is wildly inconsistent and honestly just upside hold at this point. let me know and as always 100% WHIR ASAP thank you
  12. Thanks for the input... Yeah I think I have seen a rule "dont trade for injured stars", but i have not personally experienced that just yet...hope it doesnt actually happen lol But yes, I saw it how you do, league winning moves. Ill have Harden and KAT on one team in a 12 teamer lol
  13. i traded my sexton for ja morant...dont know if you could qualify that as a sell high/buy low, but it got accepted lol also was able to acquire KAT by trading off ayton/wiseman...injured stars value can technically be considered "low value" right?
  14. I have a feeling once he is healthy, we will see a Brolo type of LMA...I am hoping to trade him off to an owner that is panicking about nurkic and may have been a past owner of LMA, but the stars would have to align perfectly for that scenario lol
  15. IF you can do it then yes, take it and run lol. MPJ has too much hype to get traded though, I dont think that owner will accept...
  16. I don't think he got that far in his training with Kobe on that (felt like it was more skill training during that summer). We know he likens his playstayle to Kobe, meaning lots of midrange/fadeways. The thing about Kobe though was that he was much smarter and understood how taking fouls can change the pace of the game. Tatum is still young, and that sort of insight is something that he will have to discover on his own now. If he keeps up this playstyle, he will be a solid 2nd rounder.
  17. Alright you calmed me down. Lol the panic is real though, might be time to buy low in other leagues
  18. So what are we targeting in trades for this dude? I was considering offering my Booker for Vucevic since his name isnt as sexy and can maybe land a good big... If Booker isn't efficient, he doesn't have any value to him, and thats it (since he hardly contributes in stocks). Last year he was godly because of volume, but now that CP3 is honestly going to lead them to the playoffs, I dont think he has as much volume, and must rely on efficiency to hit his perceived top 20 value, which I just dont see him doing nightly...
  19. I just traded Ayton and Wiseman for KAT! Excited to be here... hopefully this dude comes back in the next couple weeks!
  20. I was able to trade him away for Oubre. If he isn't getting assists, he doesn't have value. I would rather put my bets on Oubre developing with the warriors than messing with a team that is developing and can change its approach at anytime.
  21. lol managed to trade away him and wiseman for KAT. I like Wiseman, but I don't think he's going to hit that ceiling of top 50 like people are hoping with Steph and Green running the show, and then Wiggins being a black hole lol. As for Ayton, he is not touching the ball enough, nor are they running the offense through him. You've got a playoff goal oriented Western Conference team here, that is going to trust Chris Paul to pretty much handle the touches, followed by Devin Booker. Speaking of which, now I gotta find a way to get rid of Booker lol.
  22. Just offering my 2 cents... I’ve been watching the way this guy plays and he relies too much on his athleticism and quickness to get buckets. Hardly any reb or def stats, and him having injury after injury makes him a drop for me in a 12 team league which I did a while ago to steam his spot
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