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  1. I have noooo idea. I'm gonna drop, but I can afford to wait for the 2nd opinion. Picking up Powell last week and having Bridges softens the blow tbh.
  2. I would keep Holmes and just pray for the best. Too many mouths to feed on Denver.
  3. There's Powell and Kennard that have my attention atm.
  4. I would go with Kennard first, and than Powell closer to March.
  5. I would keep Levert. He seems to be turning it on.
  6. I'd keep Clarke and BogBog. Not super high on Juancho. OG is looking like a drop.
  7. Yeah if you're in first I would do it for sure. Could really help you in the playoffs.
  8. I would drop both for Wagner and Beasley. Both have guaranteed minutes atm.
  9. So my team is pretty solid, currently in first by quite a bit. My only concern is the end of my roster. Nunn and Horford have been struggling, and I don't know if I can trust Hart ROS. Who should I drop to open up a streaming spot? Should I trade 1 of my top guys for 2 solid pieces? Or am I just over thinking it and should stay the course. 12 Team H2H FG% FTM FT% 3PM PTS REB AST STL BLKS TO PG: Lillard SG: Hield G: Ingram SF: Oubre F; Adebayo PF: Vucevic C Gobert UTIL: Clarke UTIL: Dragic UTIL: Mikal Bridges BENCH:
  10. I would take that deal, just keep in mind though that FT% would take a big hit.
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