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  1. Waiting to see what the report is after a month. Some owners that’ve been eliminated for weeks are wanting money back.. so this should be fun
  2. the Raptors and possibly the Pistons have to be sweating bullets rn
  3. The death rate for 20-29 year olds is 0.2% and he’s a very healthy pro athlete that’ll receive the best possible medical care. I think he’s going to be OK.
  4. This is just brutal man. I get it’s just fantasy but all these hours that we’ve put into research, working the wire... frustrating
  5. He’s not gonna die lol what are you talking about
  6. 1st or 2nd in all my leagues w $2.5k on the line.. I’m upset
  7. I’m so pissed I didn’t snag in all my leagues
  8. he better not be this a** during the fantasy playoffs lol this is hard to watch
  9. Player rank #93 over the past month.. he needs to get back to dominating in the next few weeks for playoff squads dammit
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