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  1. Great line just wish he didnt disappear for long stretches on the court
  2. Kemba was dropped in an 8 teamer and cleared waivers lol, what a difference a new team and an injury made for him
  3. Love seeing my voochimane win games, got to keep his morale up to keep giving juicy lines
  4. Giannis and Middleton were supposed to be Batman and Robin, getting tired of it being Batman and Alfred 😕
  5. As long as hes not out as long as kevin love
  6. Capela is my only bad ft shooter and I'm 1st in FT% 😁
  7. Absolutely abusing boucher, not sure why toronto keeps him in against JV
  8. blegh how does he not get more than 5 shots in 32 minutes
  9. All those stats and the team is only up 4.... he is such a trooper for sticking with orlando
  10. Rotoworld says to make sure hes in your lineup tonight, they dont play tonight lol
  11. Looks like a GME prediction but i hope you are right
  12. Haha i did the same thing, and over tobi too. Glad i'm not the only one
  13. Decided it would be prudent to only play capela and bench oubre to boost my fg %, oh how the turn tables...
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