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  1. I think the jazz would/will win a lot of games without him just my opinion tho
  2. Would he still be the best player on the team if Jokic, curry, lebron, harden, or embiid was on the team? just to name 5
  3. Kinda annoying bogi is winning people leagues nobody is posting in this thread and meanwhile theres always people talking about tony bradley and khem birch
  4. The announcers are saying they want to "ramp up" his minutes so he can play 35+ sooner than later I also assume he won't be playing tomorrow based on them leaving him in but hope im wrong
  5. No team would accept this for a non star player smh
  6. They all bring something the others can't do, durant can knock down shots over and over with someone in his face, kyrie can score off the dribble from anywhere, harden pick and roll almost unstoppable
  7. Lookin like a drop in shallow leagues sigh, so frustrating he went to one of the worst trade destinations
  8. My comment doesn't have anything to do with bridges but I really can't stand the hornets play by play guy, they will be down 20 in the first quarter and he will be yelling in excitement about a layup that the hornets made
  9. He so much better than heurter and reddish I would imagine that is the case
  10. Just drilled his 6th three from 1 step inside the logo 👀 Minute later hit his 7th three with mcdaniels in his face to tie a career high, 20 minutes left
  11. schroder 0/9, middleton 2/10 and anunoby 5/17 has my team shooting a blistering 29% :^)
  12. Injuries, new coach Minutes and scoring will def go down once collins is back. Same if hunter ever gets fully healthy. Not sure how dunn and scam reddish will affect bogi
  13. Not sure what there is to complain about, no rust!
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