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  1. Published April 14th "Brooks was asked whether Gafford's minutes restriction will be adjusted in the coming games and he suggested it won't anytime soon. He said the team's trainers and Gafford are all "comfortable" with where his limit is now." Does not look like it's happening for another couple weeks, if at all. Scotty Brooks damn you.
  2. I picked him up but does he serve any purpose beyond this week? We assume Holmes will be good to go next week?
  3. You know what ***** me the most when he had Nurk like 3-4 “tiers” above guys like Vuc in his C tiers. again, don’t take 1 persons opinion as gospel. Make your own judgements and go with your gut!
  4. No Jon Isaac this year as well. ross is must own in 12s. He’s going to be fire.
  5. Somewhat fair? You’re delusional mate.
  6. And the low balls started to roll through. closest offer was Nurk cmon Ayton, step up your damn game. CP3 was also crap and Book had 8 TOs
  7. Honestly the only thing making me not drop him is “he was ranked in the 60-70s last year” narrative. He’s so bleh.
  8. Big call, I like it. Don’t think it happens but I am hoping for a top 65ish season.
  9. Bruh, it’s preseason, at least give him a week of real games
  10. Terrible shooting game but all the other numbers are there. I think he can be a 1-1-1 guy pretty easily.
  11. It's not even the points I am amazed at it's the fact he's improved his rebounding next to Sabonis and the block rate has come out of nowhere.
  12. Was trying to offload this guy for ANYTHING about 1.5 months ago and glad the owner of Capela and Holmes didn't bite. Now I own both Turner and Holmes with a bye week. Feels good.
  13. Yes but I have a bye this week so it’s a easy one. Hoping for good news soon but won’t hold my breath
  14. Hoping it’s a 1 week thing as I have a bye. Fingers crossed it’s just precaution/tanking.
  15. Any chance this guy stays a mid rounder with FVV and Gasol back?
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