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  1. Pre-emptive ‘expect him to have sucky numbers tomorrow cause he’s gonna go up against Jokic’. But the schedule after that all the way till early May is pretty amazing, so he’ll eat.
  2. Hi. How’s the ‘upside’ going? He’s ranked 283 over the last 2 weeks in 9-cat, being a positive in only 1 category (assists).
  3. There’s literally nothing that indicates the Raptors are going to start benching Lowry and FVV when they are healthy. They haven’t been in such a spot for years, and we don’t know if an ‘unleashing’ will actually occur. Remember, this is the same team that has consistently capped Boucher’s minutes. The Raptors play their main guys big minutes, and unless there’s a pattern establish of them resting their guys, his potential is capped. Also, he has a 2-game week in my league’s first week of the playoffs. So dropping him next week for someone with more games.
  4. He’s really solid. It doesn’t matter though. As soon as either Lowry or especially FVV are back, his value will plummet. He gets a lot of his value from assists, being the ball handler - so if his minutes go down to even 20, he won’t have value in 12-teamers or lower. Next year, with Lowry likely gone, and his role likely becoming more established, he has really high upside. But this year, he’s strictly a very very strong rental.
  5. So he’s out tomorrow (third game in a row), and Yahoo still has him as GTD instead of INJ. Losing out on a chance to put him on the IR and pick someone up in his spot. Thanks Yahoo!
  6. So over the last 2 weeks, he’s had a mix of good and bad games, with performances like last night as well as ones where he’s only played 12 min. He’s ranked just outside 3rd round value in that time. Even if he falls a bit in value, I think we’re in comfortable mid round territory.
  7. Lol, Boucher has crazy high upside. I still worry that he’s going to pull that tough love BS Boucher similar to what freaking Dwayne Casey did to Valanciunas (who was playing only 18-22 MPG for an entire 3-year stretch).
  8. Kid’s talented, but at the end of the day, he’s the Raptors’ third-string PG. If the Raptors try for a playoff push, they’re not going to shutdown Lowry, and that’s what’s needed for him to get meaningful minutes even for a 14-teamer. I think his value sinks the moment either FVV or Lowry return. Cause both of those guys have missed time separately this season, and with just 1 guy out, he doesn’t have value.
  9. You keep comparing Westbrook’s years of high level performance to a handful of KPJ’s good games. It’s such a bad comparison.
  10. Westbrook’s ranked 121 on the season in 9-cat. That’s a roughly 100 spots ahead of KPJ. I’m not sure why you keep comparing Westbrook to KPJ when it’s an awful comparison.
  11. Yea, because Westbrook has been averaging 20 pt trip-dubs with 1+ 3s/Stls for the last 3 seasons. He had a track record of high performance. KPJ has no real track record of actually performing well.
  12. Outside of 100 and outside of 200 are very different things. I agree that ranks can often hide value when a player is bad at a category. Drummond's ranked #92 in 9-cat for example. And that's the thing - despite sucking colossally at that one category (59% FT on 5 FTA/G), he's still within the top-100. Cause he's actually good. Zion's even better - sucks colossally at FT too, but is ranked top-50. KPJ is outside the top-200. That's not the result of just sucking at 1 category. That's not the result of just sucking at 2 categories. That's the result of sucking at 3 categories, PLUS be
  13. I looked at Westbrook’s ranking - he is a fifth rounder in 9-cat over the last month (ranked #53 compared to Porter’s #219). He also has years of high level production to back him. Awful attempt comparing Westbrook to Kevin Porter, bud.
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