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  1. I got a feeling he returns tomorrow. Haha, that felt so ridiculous to type.
  2. Yea, he was clearly in pain today. I wouldn’t be surprised if he misses at least 1 game. Which sucks cause playoffs starting Monday.
  3. So guys, where do you think Draymond gets drafted next season with Klay back? His success seems heavily co-related to how well Curry is doing and with Klay available as an option too, could Draymond actually be a decent 3rd or 4th round pick?
  4. Skyf—ker at it again. Think he goes for the record, guys?
  5. Yea, agreed. Them not fouling on that last possession she’s they don’t care about winning this game. I think they did a good job demonstrating that they could handle Philly just fine with a healthy roster.
  6. Anyone know why is isn’t on the court with less than 2 min left in a close game?
  7. More than Half of my draft was a bust - LMA, Coby White, Horford, Bazley, Jeff Teague, Brandon Clarke, Wiseman.
  8. Anyone else have both Devonte Graham and Gary Trent Jr on their rosters today? Combined 6-of-27 today and Graham’s not done yet. Wrecked any chance of winning FG and it’s just Tuesday.
  9. Not sure what you’re laughing about bud. His value fell like a brick when Lowry returned. Lowry was resting today, so he was a great spot start play for today. I had him for 4 games last week and loved his production.
  10. Definitely a victory lap moment there. This game may very well change everything, and he might turn into a top 50 player ROS. It’s not like prior to tonight’s game he was ranked outside the top-300 over the last month in 9-cat. I wouldn’t bet on it, but wish his owners the best!
  11. Minneapolis shooting. He’s probably out for a week at least imo. Eh, hopefully he’s back by next week for my playoffs. But he’s already been spectacular this season. Guy’s ranked #16 in 9-cat in total value despite multiple personal leaves and easily beat where I drafted him (late 3rd round). Just need him back next week.
  12. There's an announcement from Yahoo that they're aware and working on fixing it. Pretty sure it'll get addressed before tip off today.
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