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  1. Austin Rivers, Markieff, Henson, in this order I have Rivers and Markieff, and i had Henson this season too.
  2. Don´t like this trade offers, Who you Drop? not is easy, Ish Smith, Lee, Richardson and Biyombo are you worst players. All them will drop his production when injured players come back.
  3. He will be productive, but with Memphis losing, I don´t think what would happen in the final month, maybe I trade out him when is playing well
  4. When he will be back? I´m passing on good free agents, Ish Smith, Biyombo, Tyus Jones, etc..
  5. I said that he is the better player of the team before this 5 games. It Is simple. I watched Mirotic in Real Madrid for years, before he was playing for Bulls. The finland can be good, he is very young, but Nicola is another level.
  6. He offered me Gobert + Clarkson for Porzingis, I say no and I i offered his this
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