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  1. What is everyone's feeling on White after Lonnie Walker IV's blow up last night?
  2. Very interested, I had him from last week so will hold to see what this looks like. This dude can put up fantasy #s.
  3. My hungry league picked up eveyone related to this already... I have Bembry from last week (streamer); do we think Bembry is a hold based on this news?
  4. think it is worth sending low ball offers to desperate owners?
  5. next set is a back to back... no chance he plays both of those... is he a drop? Only person with as many games on my waiver is Garret Temple
  6. Yeah I am planning on dropping, looks like minutes too inconsistent and his % are aweful; planning on dropping for PJ Tucker.
  7. Life long 'zards fan and DC native here.. this season seems much more about team playing badly as a unit than Porter himself, so many times team isn't making an extra pass etc... Effort is down across the board too. I like Otto's potential if you can afford to hold him, there is going to be a big trade here in DC I can feel it. But I think subparr production well into December is possible.
  8. someone dropped him in my league, BBM has him as top 50. Worth my #1 waiver? If he continues to get minutes will be a great source of STL, RB, ~block, these are things a Punt AST build craves.
  9. I just dropped Evan Turner for him (had Evan for the quality week and not for long term); I think it is a no brainer this situation could drag out and only way JO loses value is if they actually make a trade for a SG/SF in exchange.
  10. Yahoo just updated to Injured, slotting him into my IR slot and picking up <-flicks coin-> Cam Payne/N.Bjelica
  11. Darn!! I really want to drop him for McGruder (still on WW in my league).. What concerns me is he is averaging 24 mpg while last year he averaged 31-32 mpg last year. For a third or fourth string PG (in smaller leaguers), I am begining to wonder if he is worth a hold.
  12. Someone dropped him in my league... Question is he worth my #1 waiver claim?
  13. Denver's starting SG/SF till Barton is back? What do we think here?
  14. Just finished my Punt Ast Draft; went into it thinking to punt FT% since Ive done that multiple years and had success, but when Steph and Lillard fell to turn (final pick). It is a deep bench highly competative 8 team league (this year we lost 2 members). Steph Curry Dam Lillard Rudy Gobert Khris Middleton Otto Porter Nikola Vucevic Josh Richardson Enes Kanter Nikola Mirotic Brook Lopez Kyle Anderson RHJ LaVert Gallinari Sabonis B. Portis D. Collison J. Lamb M. Brogdon
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