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  1. Ridley is top 5 rest of season, in a Falcons O that is sure to be slinging it all over the field. Thielen is awesome but is held back by Kirk, not to mention the potential emergence of Jefferson. Take Ridley and run
  2. The LJax owner drafted Lamar, Dak and Kyler in his first 5 picks so he’s trying to unload a QB. He said he would take Julio for Lamar.
  3. If you can get Stafford, I trust him the most and could be a good play all year. Next would be Fitz but his floor is very low, ceiling is sky high though.
  4. I would just dump the Chiefs now. This week more than ever shows that position player depth will be important later on, so I’d hold Marvin Jones imo. Even with those strong WRs.
  5. Floating Julio for a QB upgrade because my QBs are weak. 10 Team 2-QB League: My QBs stink and I am looking for a way to upgrade. My roster is as follows: QB: Roethlisberger / Bridgewater / Mayfield RB: McCaffrey / Ekeler / Josh Robinson / Akers / Moss / Kelley WR: Julio / McLaurin / D.J. Moore / Gallup / S. Watkins TE: Andrews Would you trade Julio for Lamar?
  6. I'd take Henry for sure. Henry is dependable as they come and is force-fed touches. Sure, when CMC comes back, he has the higher ceiling given his passing-game involvement, but Henry is known to turn it up as the weather gets colder.
  7. I think I'd roll the dice with Crowder here. I think Darnold is looking forward to Crowder's return, and Jimmy offers an almost non-existent floor and relies too heavily on TDs. Esp with .5 PPR, I roll with Crowder and hope he feasts underneath.
  8. Henry is about as sure as they come, even in non-PPR, and should get you whatever receiver you want. Henderson has looked good, but who knows how this Rams backfield shakes out once everyone is healthy (potentially as early as this week.) I'm not too high on Chark but he's still as good of a flex play as any when healthy. Golladay would get you a WR1 but has health issues of his own. Stay put IMO, Henry is too valuable..
  9. I lean Cards here. They are the second best defense on the list imo and have a good matchup facing Carolina sans McCaffrey. I have a feeling that Buffalo / Oakland game could be a shootout so I think Buf has a lower floor, but higher ceiling. In this case, I'd probably take the safe route and play Cards.
  10. I'd go Renfrow here with all of the Raiders injuries out wide. Someone needs to catch the ball in what should be a shootout against Buffalo. I'd probably rather not risk going Crowder in his first game back in what is "hyped" up to be the ugliest NFL game in some time. I like Crowder down the line this season though... so I'd play Renfrow and hope Crowder does well on your bench so you can be encouraged ROS.
  11. In a vacuum, I'd rather have Deebo. But in your case, I think I'd hold onto Akers. Its nice to have some security in case Henderson goes down. I think in a few weeks, we will have some clarity on the Rams backfield.
  12. I would stay put. Jonathan Taylor is to game-script dependent for my liking. Melvin Gordon should see a lot of touches and volume is the most important thing for RBs. I own Julio and while its frustrating, I wouldn't go jumping ship yet. I think he's the best player in the deal.
  13. I would stick with Murray. Kyler was still a top 10 QB last year with Larry Legend and Kirk (if he plays), and Andy Isabella has shown flashes. Foles and Fitz provide a lower ceiling and much, much lower floor b/c Murray hasn't even passed well yet and is still awfully productive.
  14. Gage - a flex-able WR even with Julio playing, Falcons throw enough to feed 3 wrs Shenault - probably most talented guy here, have to think Jags scheme him touches Higgins - Mixon and AJG due for some positive regression, stuck behind Boyd Claypool - would probably be #1 in a dynasty league, but just don't see him breaking through until JJS-S leaves (similar to Higgins) Herndon - not touching a Jet right now
  15. I think in your shoes, I would go Gage. Julio is banged up, and even with a healthy Julio, the Falcons throw enough to feed 3 WRs. You are already pretty deep at RB, so unless you pick up McKinnon to secure that SF backfield, I think Gage is your best bet at value ROS.
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