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  1. I have nance and i'm trying to sell high, does seem like a solid trade? I'm currently in a punt fg%/to build. 12man 9 cat league
  2. with white coming back this might be his last chance to show something.
  3. What are you guys doing with this guy? Anyone holding on or are you guys dropping?
  4. ridley appears to be back in the game?
  5. RB: henry, mostert, gibson, zack moss TE: Hooper, used to have kittle
  6. Give: Josh allen, Allen robinson, zack moss Get: Tom Brady, Darren Waller, James Robinson 12 man half ppr My other wr are: ridley, robby anderson, reager, and john brown
  7. is him being questionable to return a good sign?
  8. He will get arrested within the week or do something else incredibly stupid to f--- it all up.
  9. I have Henry and Gibson, but not much rb depth after that. It's a 12 man half ppr league.
  10. I have Henry, mostert, Gibson, zack moss, and Kelley in a 2rb 12 man league. Does this feel like a good enough amount of depth or is it overkill and I should be trying to move one or more of these players.
  11. Henry will get going eventually, i'm not concerned.
  12. In a vacuum gurley is the more valuable player imo, but like you said you have plenty of rb depth. I wouldn’t be super opposed to the trade although I would try to see if I could get something better for gurley before pulling the trigger.
  13. I have to pick up a tight end and need to drop one of these running backs. Which one would you guys drop and why? 12 team half ppr
  14. How does his offensive linemen getting arrrested effect his outlook?
  15. Is this guy a plug and forget calibre of player or do we expect him to start slow?
  16. I think you should split the pot among all teams that are still in playoff contention.
  17. People who are treating the coronavirus as if it's the seasonal flu are laughably uninformed.
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