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  1. Brosseau option to AAA......does this mean anything for Franco or brujan??
  2. Tbh I thought last night looked promising. After his 2nd start I was real sceptical but yesterday he was spotting his fastball better and his OS pitches seemed better. He needs to work on pitch count......and what happened to his + changeup???? If he has a dominant change up that would be massive!
  3. Doesn't he have a plus change?? He hasn't thrown one since he's been called up. He needs another offering for an out pitch. He's not getting the whiffs with the slider.
  4. That was a hitters homerun he hit. Civale didn't leave a bad pitch open, kelenic went down and drove a tough pitch 109.1 MPH on a rope over the fence. Bodes real well for the future.
  5. I have stock in Gilbert so I do have a horse in the race but this is what I gleaned from his first start..... 1. He has great control but early in the game (probably because of adrenalin) he couldn't keep the ball down in the zone. He left way too many pitches belt high over the middle of the plate. He did start looking better towards the 3/4 inning when he got the ball down. 2. He fast ball looks a little flat. Someone mentioned degrom earlier but degrom's fastball has great action where Gilbert's is lacking a bit of movement. Pretty straight and flat. Good velo and looks lik
  6. Very astute take. Thanks a bunch. It's tough. I just traded benintendi for kluber to offset pitching needs not knowing kelenic would be called up this month. He replaces benintendi right away.
  7. In a keeper League 3 year contract with possible 2 year extension for 6/yr. I won't get into my roster just in a vacuum would you do this deal..... My jarred kelenic on an A6 contact have him for 2 more yrs after this with possible extension... For his Lance Lynn on a B6 contract 1 more yr after this season with potential to extend for 6/yr. I do need some pitching help but I'm just so high on kelenic.... Thoughts???
  8. Here's an updated top 10 prospects to impact majors in 2021. I'm lucky enough to have the top 4 in a keeper League whaaaaaa🤗🤗 https://www.nbcsports.com/edge/article/prospect-roundup/top-10-prospects-may-10
  9. What a mind f--- fantasy baseball is!
  10. Not in the lineup today......day off or.......??? One can only dream!
  11. Any chance with the injury to Newsome they give Gilbert a look or do they just roll with Swanson??
  12. My bad I'll absolutely eat crow on this one. For some reason I thought Lowe played more games in the OF than he has. All good. Brujan needs an injury in the OF or lowe to continue his downward trajectory.
  13. You do realise that brujan has been groomed to play 2B, right?? Which he played yesterday. TB has absolutely noone at 2B to hold him down. I think Adames is bad enough that Franco eventually slides into the SS role. I believe the reason they're giving him looks in the OF is so he can platoon if need be. TB do like their switchblades. If he keeps raking there's no way they can keep him down for too long.
  14. My Fournette and Odell for his Adam jones and Waller 14 team full point PPR QB Brady WR Adams WR Hopkins RB Kamara RB Fournette TE Ebron/Ellison Flex Odell I feel great about my team but realise I need help at TE and QB. Trade deadline is today and TE upgrades are tough to come by in my league. Should I do this or stay put and hope for the best. Don't want to overpay for a 3-4 pts upgrade at TE if i don't have to.
  15. 14 team full point PPR. Need to upgrade my TE spot. There are only a couple of teams with more than 1 serviceable TE so it's slim Pickens. Was going to offer this. Too much?? My Barkley for his Derick Henry and Kelce? Team below: QB Brady WR Adams WR Odell RB Kamara RB Barkley TE Ebron Flex AJ Green Have riff Raff on bench.
  16. Yeah I think im okay with the diggs move. He accepted!
  17. So the other owner just pulled the deal off the table and wants diggs and white for Kamara.....do i still go for it? Like diggs a little better than Odell....
  18. Waller better than andrews. I think Allen bounces back stronger down the stretch. Good move.
  19. I give up Odell and white and get Kamara Trying to build my team for a playoff run. Im heavy at WR. Think this strengthens my chances? Little worried about kamara's role. 14 team PPR QB Brady WR diggs WR DeVante Adams RB white RB Barkley TE Ebron Flex Odell I have A.J Green, thomas, goedert on bench. Originally looking to upgrade my TE spot but the layout of teams there's a huge premium on them. Maybe better to just upgrade what I can?? Thoughts?
  20. Think he would do Odell and white for Adams....might a better option? I like brown almonds as much except for his week 16 match against the Pats.
  21. I was just offered DeVante Adams for my Coleman and John Brown. 14 team full point PPR league. Team below: Qb Brady WR Beckham WR diggs RB Barkley RB white TE Ebron Flex brown Bench Coleman, goedert and a couple scrubbs. I know I need a TE but getting the best player in Adams I could flip Beckham for kelce I believe. Thoughts?
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