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  1. Anybody heard anything about this new injury?
  2. ESPN has granted him an “OUT” designation the whole time he’s been out...I’d guess many have held in an iR position.
  3. This dude is far from a JAG...he’s averaging 3.9 ypc behind a not good backup QB on a team with a not good passing attack that has played some damn good run defenses this season. Lucky for me, I’ve been sitting on Samuels and Snell in anticipation of this
  4. Keenan with four straight mediocre games, a junk hammy against a good pass D...I’m playing Anderson
  5. I concur with the other poster...Tate for ceiling and Henry for floor
  6. I’d cut Drake but I’d hold (hope there’s a decent late game kicker on the wire) and see how you’re doing against your opponent before doing anything...who knows, you might not need a kicker to win this week.
  7. That’s a coin flip for me...sorry man
  8. Brissett vs. Denver a shutdown pass D Carr @ Houston in a shootout
  9. Jaylen as a handcuff if you’re targeting Conner...otherwise McKissic
  10. It’s either Snell or DJ Moore as my flex this week...Moore vs. the 9’ers D or Snell vs. Dolphins D....I’m thinking Snell sees some garbage time play and a TD. I can see Moore going 3/39/0 today. I need a high floor more than a high ceiling against this weeks opponent. Your thoughts?
  11. That hammy was bugging him last week...I'd guess. I chewed my fingernails off this morning debating between Shep and Flash...I went with JG at exactly 9:59 CA time....F'd myself big time!
  12. Well...Flash was suppose to "win some leagues"...I played him ahead of Sterling Shepard....he probably lost me one. I hope no one else made the same mistake.
  13. Trust me that's lingering in my head...but Miami laid down a blueprint and showed Pit the Pats are mortals....punch them in mouth and they're dazed and confused. I'm betting Pit, at home, punches them in the mouth early and we see a game flow similar to the Miami game.
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