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  1. He's still out there in my 12 team league, not falling for it.
  2. Knew it was hype, maybe in 2-3 years.
  3. I passed on Moses, hope it works out for you guys but I've seen this combo so many times before. Super young guy who strings a good set of games with a very lucky situation then disappears after the hype after a couple of games. I could be wrong though, if you have a spot worth a flier.
  4. I'd say keep him in an IL if you can afford to if not cut.
  5. Holding Caris Levert and De'Andre Hunter. Hopefully Levert returns in a couple of weeks.
  6. Before the injury I traded AD + DJ for KD. Only got to use KD twice since I got him due to KD being out from Covid scare and now the hamstring but I'll be patient.
  7. I'm holding both Gordon and Dipo but can't drop both. Sure they might rest back 2 backs once in a while but especially Dipo gets you little bit of everything and I need his points, assists, and steals. I will be patient for him to return.
  8. Wow can this guy sucks a** in shooting. Loving the assists but man he's been terrible this season in shooting.
  9. Guy is starting to wake up like last season, going to hold.
  10. So I have KD coming back and in my IL. Who should I drop? Josh Richardson Kendrick Nunn Jakob Poeltl
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